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Adelaide hardcore rising stars DAYS OF DECEIT release fierce new single ‘Elements’, share Top 5 up & coming bands we should keep an eye on

Adelaide hardcore rising stars DAYS OF DECEIT just dropped their crushing new single ‘Elements’. This new offering is a fierce concoction of metalcore riffs, vibrant leads and chant-along choruses designed to take the listener on a journey through a forest complete with jungle synths and snap them back to reality with a commanding & in-your-face rhythm section. The loss of identity felt by a nature lover trapped in the big city is brought to life with frontman Jarrod Schilling’s evocative vocals and hook laden melodies.

Schilling on the new single: “Elements is a song written about a nature boy lost in the city. I constantly found myself living two lives over the past year or two chasing musical goals whilst taking every opportunity to escape the concrete jungles and get back to nature. Lyrically, ‘Elements’ was forged during a long stint back in the city where the call to escape back to simplistic living and Mother Nature got too loud to ignore. I dropped everything left in a flash, camped out and that first night wrote most of these lyrics by an open fire.”

Adelaide Hardcore rising stars DAYS OF DECEIT release fierce new single 'Elements'

Coming off the release of their latest single ‘The Underground’, Days of Deceit are excited to share their sonic evolution with ‘Elements‘. With over 230,000+ Spotify Streams, features on Triple J, Wall Of Sound, “Homegrown & Heavy” editorial playlist and more, ‘Elements‘ is sure to build upon the band’s already established fan base. Hitting the road with Harroway & Earthbound for the upcoming ‘Triple Threat Tour’ followed by more new music and a string of notable live performances, Days of Deceit are ravenous to unleash their new era of hardcore riffage in the heavy music realm.

Asked about influences for ‘Elements‘, Days of Deceit comment: “We each individually listen to such a different range of music but when it comes to references for Days of Deceit and “Elements” specifically our biggest draws came from.”

Bring Me The Horizon – The new era Bring Me has really inspired us on that almost boiler room party vibes meshed with hectic guitar driven sections and of course they always have with the biggest chorus hooks in the game.

Turnstile – This band is a straight-up vibe in all areas. Mood setting, high energy and yet easy listening these guys have been on high rotation at DOD ranch this year.

Top 5 up & coming bands we should keep an eye on, by Days of Deceit:

Signvls – Young, Adelaide chaotic hardcore band all super talented and bringers of the pit.

Whatever, Forever – Not so much up and coming in many people’s eyes but an incredible post-hardcore emotive band that I wish toured more.

The Daily Chase – Our closest mates and possibly the nicest people we’ve encountered in music. They’ve just put out a beast of an EP The Colour Of Crisis.

Synge – Sydney metal band that has just put out a beauty of a debut EP “Vacant Minded”

Sleep Token – Clearly on a different level of “up and coming” to the bands above but I think they’ve just rolled through Australia on the Northlane tour and left the country in awe.

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