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6 anti-cop tracks by Polish punk & rap classics, by new wave pop post punks HUGAYZ

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Throughout the history, protest has been channeled through punk, rap, and various diffferent genres represented by bands and artists that have turned to their form to express grief and rage. Today, we’re giving you the new Polish powerpop lo-fi synth queer Martian punks HUGAYZ and their special list of songs protesting police brutality and oppression.

HUGAYZ – HUGZ AND KISSES tape is out now via Bandcamp and Plusz Tapes.

“Greetings Earthlings! We are HUGAYZ. We are what you would call Martians, because we live on a different rock than you. A couple cycles ago we started receiving your comms thru TELEVISION and RADIO and we became fascinated with your kind. U showed us so many things like ELEKTRIKAL GUITAR, DO THE TWIST and SUNGLASSES. You also told us about EQUALITY, WOMENS LIB, PRIDE, DO IT YOURSELF. Your comms changed our tribe forever, and we decided to visit U to say thanks. We landed in POLAND REGION and something was wrong! There was no EQUALITY, WOMENS LIB were protesting, PRIDE was being silenced and there was the POLICE who forbade hu-mans from dancing! Oh no!!! We have to correct that.

“All KKKopz are bastardz.” – the band comes out both guns blazing.

“We know you know that, but we got to know that too! In recent times we landed in the POLAND REGION where we have had the opportunity to convince ourselves of this. First thing we landed the POLICE gave us a ticket (whats a ticket?) then one of them called us QUEERS so we thought it is a tribe that is similar to us but when we met with them we were SHOCKED how badly they were treated! Turns out the POLICE protect the interests of the STATE BODY and the CHURCH BODY by making life miserable for WOMEN, LGBT+ and PRO-CHOICE humanz. Under the guise of COVID SICKNESS they are taking away more rights, almost completely banning legal abortion in POLAND REGION.

You’ve probably heard about mass protests where hundredz of thousandz of people took to the streetz, despite the pandemic. If you don’t know what’s going on in POLAND REGION, please read info about that.”

“Anyway, the POLICE are FASCIST A-HOLEZ..
Below you have five classic POLANDISH pieces about that..”


One of the most important bands of the POLANDISH PANK scene. Klassik track. Klassik, up-to-date lyricz.
This song is powerful, and the chorus is perfect for chanting.

“Police, police defend the fascists!
Police, police defend the fascists!
Police, police defend the fascists!
Policeeeeee – fascist pigs!”

A sad related matter. Recently Wojti the vocalist of Homomilitia – died of COVID SICKNESS. He was a legend of PANK and TEKNO scene in POLAND REGION. This guy fought for equal rights in times where homophobia, racism and prejudice were the acceptable world-view for most POLANDISH society. He shaped the worldview of many POLANDISH PANKS. THRIVE IN ETERNITY champ!


Every PANK in POLAND REGION knows this song. While Homomilitia is the crust wing of the scene, here we have a OI!/STREETZ PANK take on the subject. Analogs play to this day, and this song is the one that the whole room sing-along with the band. UBER-KLASSIK.

Take a look at the lyrics:

“I don’t know anyone I don’t believe in anything
You ask why? it’s a stupid trick
Thousand times betrayed I must hate
I remember the wrongs
One thing I want to see

Kids attacking the police!
Striking blows in a frenzy
Kids attacking the police!
Instead of fighting each other

Beautiful. Huge OI! to Analogs for this one.


Włochaty is (next to Guernica Y Luno) the most important POLANDISH ANARCHPANK band, and by many it’s described as POLANDISH CONFLICT. Their S/T was an album that we could listen to over and over again when we started to receive your comms from your planet.
Carried away on a wave of nostalgia, we recently refreshed it. The klassik track “Strike Now” from the opening verses illustrates what we are up against in POLAND REGION right now.

“When on the one side the police are pressing
And on the other the nationalists are attacking
What to do in this fucking situation (I don’t want to pass)
There’s not a moment to lose
Don’t give your life for others
Don’t think they’ll give you a break in the end (devote your life to others)
Don’t be fooled it’s just an illusion
And never give up
They’re getting stronger STRIKE NOW!
Until they’re strong enough to find you
Until you don’t live under fascist terror
Strike now before the bars close behind you
Strike now it’s the last moment Strike now
They organize themselves into formal groups to show everyone their strength
In a state built on violence
For here anything is possible Strike now
Violence is their only argument. They like to use it so much.
If it’s the only thing that gets through to them.
There’s no time to wait.
Strike now!


Guernica (Slupsk) is a band whose passion and politikal views influenced many on the POLANDISH scene. This song describes well the feelingz in the country, as a part of the protests that took a massive scale after the judgment of the Konstitutional Court of 22 October 2020, practically banning legal abortion in POLAND REGION. Currently, the protests have quietened down. The GOVERNMENT BODY has just enacted more COVID SICKNESS restrictions that violate the konstitution and prohibit the organization and participation in gatheringz. This piece is an important message to all who oppose the actions of the authoritiez.

“We can resist
A furious and effective rebellion
I want to be your friend
To feel your fear and share your pain
To know that you’ll never lose And you’ll never walk alone
We walk the same road Under a hail of physical and psychological terror
A herd of wild angry punx
But you’ll never walk alone
You’ll never walk alone
You will never walk alone!”

MOLESTA – 98.09.97

Got ya?! This time it’s HIP-HOPZ. It is well known that fucking the police in the POLANDISH RAP scene is almost as common as in the PANK one. Molesta – Skandal is an album which for many people started HIP-HOPZ in POLAND REGION, at least in more “streetz” output.
This track is a klassik storytelling about boys from SOVIET-BLOCK REGION and poor neighbourhoodz, who were stopped by the POLICE. Powerful song based on a true story. Interesting fact: The MC from Molesta – Wilku wrote his verse on the bus, coming home right after being released from the POLICE station.

Below is an excerpt from the lyrics:

“Through the yards and streets I greet the crew
Then the dogs get in our way
I couldn’t do anything even if I wanted to
A shot is fired
A fucking pig with a gun in his hand
He wants me to be scared I feel no fear
And I feel no fear with my hands on my head
And with my face in the sand I feel pride because
I fuck the whole congregation
The society to which I’m a menace
I grit my teeth because I know ♪
That always and everywhere the police will be fucked
You’re wrong if you think otherwise
Twenty-eighth day of September
I had a new reason to hate the police”


When we started to receive your comms on our planet we became fascinated with MAANAM and SUPREME GODDESS KORA. They were the reason we landed in POLAND REGION and we were really sad when we heard that KORA and MAREK JACKOWSKI are no longer here. THRIVE IN ETERNITY! This song tells a story from a historikal POLANDISH time when the POLICE were called the MILITIA but they were the same group! Ironikal lyrics tell that the people are “safe” because the night patrol roams the streetz and protects them from danger, when in reality there was a curfew and humanz could get beat up and arrested by the MILITIA.

“Shadows in the dark city
Linger through the night
Danger lurks by your doorway
Don’t turn out the light
Sleep easy, don’t worry
Calm your timid soul
Footsteps under your window
It’s just the night patrol

Someone is dying
Yours mother’s crying
Don’t go out alone
Evil is prowling
The wind is howling
Through your happy home”


Achtung! This one is a self-promotion. Maybe we play some danceable Martian Twist tunez but we are still a politikal band. Especially, when even LUV in POLAND REGION is politikal.

This track was inspired by the protests related to the “Women’s Strike” and anti-LGBTQ+ campaign in the GOVERNMENT BODY and RIGHT-WINGZ media.
Imagine that: In 2020, the incumbent POLANDISH President Andrzej Duda made the LGBTQ+ community his number one enemy during his election campaign when he called them an “ideology”. This is false, because QUEERS are a TRIBE and a TRIBE is made of PEOPLE. So the prez is a BIG DUMBO LOLZ. The GOVERNMENT BODY keeps him around because he can write in POLANDISH and signs autographs on their weird and oppresive lawz. But why? He is not famous! Why should he sign autographs? These people are the worst KONSERVATIKAL DUMBOZ and will protest their actions and their POLICE oppression. We wanna spread LUV to everyone that feels endangered by their DUMBO ACTIVITIEZ..
This is a song about that.

“I’m feelin’ like a fool

cause I’m crazy for you baby
oooh you’re so cool!
(for you) I wanna be as good as I can be
oooh you’re so fine
and oooh your so sweet

let’s make some heat
in the sheets!
let’s make some heat
in the streets!

the boys are back in town!
the boys are on the streets! (u! ha! hu!)
the boys are all around!
the boys with raised fists! (ha! hu!)

the girls are back in town!
the girls are on the streets! (u! ha! hu!)
the girls are all around!
the girls with raised fists! (hu!)

we want love and peace
we want love and peace
we want love
and peace

Remember kidz,
ACAB to the grave!

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