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ARGUER showcases big riffs, earworm choruses and vocal hooks with great new single “Queen”, listen!

Real Ghost Records is stoked about our latest singing ARGUER and we’re no less excited to join the game with the official premiere of the band’s new single, Queen, and a special list of their influences, shared right here in the feature below! You can pre-save from your favorite platform HERE. In addition to the first single, we can annouce their debut EP titled ‘Distant’ will be available on 9th July.

Old friends Shane and Adam started ARGUER as a welcome escape amid the chaos of 2020. What began as a weekly jam in the practice room has quickly developed into a set of songs that blend a shared love for big riffs, bigger choruses and satisfying vocal hooks.

“We’ve wanted to work together on a project for a long time,” explains Shane (lead vocals, guitars).”When we finally got the chance to write some songs together, we knew from the first session we were on to something, and the recordings have really brought those ideas to life.”

With a shared passion for the heavy, the melancholy and the occasional unexpected time change, the pair have created an original sound that reflects the myriad of influence that inspire it – from the heavier end of the spectrum (think TOOL, Deftones, Glassjaw, At The Drive In), through pop-punk (The Story So Far, Alkaline Trio, The Menzingers, Paramore) to the more ambient (The Midnight, The 1975, Whitney Houston – seriously).

Catching the attention of independent label Real Ghost Records, the pair are now completing work on their debut EP, due to be released Summer 2021, and are confident that the songs offer a well-rounded introduction to the sound – a bit heavy, a bit quiet, a bit poppy, but packed full of hooks and satisfying foot-tapping moments.

Members: Shane Sanderson (vocals / guitar), Adam Lewis (drums).

On joining the Real Ghost Records roster, Adam (drums, backing vox) says “This is a fantastic, albeit unexpected opportunity for us, and we’re very excited to release our first EP. Real Ghost Records is the perfect home for ARGUER – we’ve been fans of many of their acts for some time, and really admire the whole approach and ethos to helping artists reach a wider audience. We hope people like these songs as much as we enjoyed writing and recording them, and we can’t wait to get out and play them live!”

The writing process is helped by both musicians playing guitar, bass, drums and vocals, however, the core dynamic of the band sees Shane taking up guitar and lead vocal duties, with Adam on drums and backing vocals for writing, and sharing responsibility in the studio for layers, other instruments and harmonies. Working as a two-piece has been an enjoyable experience, and much easier to organise writing, practice and recording sessions during the last year. The guys will be recruiting an additional guitarist and bassist for live performances, but ARGUER will remain a two-piece writing partnership between Shane and Adam.


Shane on the writing of ‘Queen’:

“I had the chorus kicking around for ages. It was much slower and I only ever played it acoustic, but I just kept coming back to it. When we first started talking about writing together for a new project, I wanted it to be the base layer of the first thing we worked on.

We built it up over time and added new parts and tried different dynamics. I think most of the time was spent deciding on how fast or slow the end section should be!

Lyrically it’s all about putting someone on a pedestal. Holding them in such high regard, when in reality you know they aren’t what you’ve built them up to be, to the extent where it may even be having a negative effect on you, but it’s hard to detach.”

Shane 5 picks – influences behind EP:

Parting Gift – Without Sin

I’ve been obsessed with the limited material this band released. The blend of dark and moody with a big chorus is what I wanted to achieve with ‘Queen.’

Sullii – Ponyo

I loved Crooks so when Josh started a solo project I was all over it. His first few releases were always on rotation around the writing of ARGUER’s first material.

Teenage Wrist – Mary

This track has huge hooks buried in odd riffs. You have to work a bit harder to find them but they are in there.

Holding Absence – Monochrome

Another band that does the light and dark thing really well. Their debut album was played a lot throughout the time of writing the EP.

Deftones – Genesis

My favourite band of all time. Always an influence. The dynamics of heavy and soft is the sweet spot for me. Also, lyrically, I love the metaphors and obscure way that Chino writes.

Adam on the writing of ‘Queen’

“This was the first song Shane played to me when we started jamming ideas around last year. Right away I thought the chorus could be huge, and I love the impact it has when it comes in. It’s a fun song for me to play on the drums too.

Just having two people to organise and focus in the practice room makes things much easier all round – plus we’ve known each other a long time, so we can play and write to each other’s strengths (and avoid our many weaknesses!) too.

The ending is my favourite part, and it’s a good example of how we like to get a few different flavours into every track – I can’t wait to play that riff live in front of an audience!”

Adam 5 picks – influences behind EP

Biffy Clyro – Joy, Discovery, Invention

I’m a huge fan of the first few Biffy albums, and both Blackened Sky and The Vertigo Of Bliss were really important records for me in my late teens, and I still listen to them now in my thirties. I think some of our songs have a similar vibe to early Biffy in that there’s plenty of melody and structure, but something a bit unpredictable about where a song might go next.

Glassjaw – Cosmopolitan Bloodloss

We both share a big love for Glassjaw so I think there’s definitely an influence on some of the heavier elements of our tracks, and Cosmopolitan Bloodloss is what I thought of the first time Shane played me the riff to ‘Sequins.’

Paramore – Careful

I could’ve picked any of their tracks really, I just think they write brilliant pop songs and play them really well. Zac Farro is an awesome drummer and definitely an influence on some of my playing.

At The Drive-In – Pattern Against User

Getting in to these guys at around the age of 16/17 opened up a whole new world of alternative, punk, hardcore, heavier music to me that I might’ve missed out on otherwise. They’re still one of my go-to bands to listen to regularly and this track reminds me of summer and jamming in our shorts before we’d written anything.

Hundred Reasons – Answers

Another important band during my formative years and their album Ideas Above Our Station is wall to wall bangers. I can definitely hear some of their sounds in ARGUER.

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