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A dive into CLASS TOURISTS’ politically-charged debut EP

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The debut EP from the Wakefield-based unapologetically politically-charged hardcore punks Class Tourists is a pulsating amalgamation of visceral intensity and penetrating lyrical content. The band presents an uncompromising standpoint on anti-fascism and police brutality, calling forth comparisons to Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat, and MDC. Today, we dive into the details of this harsh new release, with a special track by track commentary by the band, who shared their take on nationalism.

Class Tourists’ debut EP is a vehement critique of societal norms and political structures, interwoven with a searing commentary on societal pressures and the expectations of the establishment, then calls out the elitism of political figures, emphasising the importance of the youth’s voice in shaping the future.

The band further challenges societal norms, with a critique of the hypocrisy of alcohol culture and advocacy for marijuana acceptance. The EP closes serves as a forceful condemnation of sexual abusers and the exploitation of power.

Their DIY approach to recording underscores their uncompromising commitment to message over production quality.

The music they have consumed while working on their debut E.P. has been thoughtfully compiled into a playlist, offering a glimpse into the potent influences that have sculpted their raw, primal sound. The sonic breadth and depth of these influences percolate through their distinct hardcore narrative, compelling and confrontational.

While it’s tempting to break down each track, what makes the Class Tourists experience so distinctive is the entirety of its execution. This debut is a bracing onslaught of lyrical fervor and unrefined sonic energy, functioning as an audacious manifesto of the band’s intent and vision.

The band’s politically-charged ethos permeates even their cover art. The collage, featuring Oswald Mosley, a fascist politician who led the British Union of Fascists, captures the moment he was knocked out by an irate crowd while delivering a Nazi salute in Liverpool.

The art piece, titled “Declare War On Hate,” combines elements of history, politics, and artistry in an attempt to make a powerful statement against hate and fascism.

Class Tourists

“The falling hearts and the debris were added to suit the title of the piece ‘Declare War On Hate’. It’s literal, but who cares. It occurred to me that it would look sick on the cover of an album or something, so that’s what you see.”




Probably the only song with an actual riff here. It’s about feeling pressure from everyone you know about what type of a person should you be, and how older generations and members of the establishment are trying to push careers and expectations onto their children. The E.P. was recorded entirely on GarageBand IOS, which is part of our DIY approach. The songs are messages and statements, and as long as they are conveyed to the listener, the quality of the recording becomes secondary. That’s the deal with a lot of punk; the recording is low quality but no one cares. Who gives a fuck what gear you’ve got? It’s about what you’re saying.


The lyrics “The youth defines the culture, the culture defines the world, the world defines the future” is about how young people today, through actions and innovations, will become and embody society tomorrow. So, they should have more of a voice in the future of our world, as opposed to out-of-touch politicians who were born in an elite class and can’t relate to their own people when it comes to money. You have a millionaire Prime Minister telling families with kids having to skip breakfast to “hold your nerve”.

They don’t want you to be free, they want you to labour for them. They don’t desire to make this country better for its people, any talk of that is just them playing the “hearts and minds” card. This is probably the main song to relate to the E.P.’s name and theme. The government are conmen and opportunistic in manipulating the public in their favour. The police are just as bad as the so called “criminals” they go about arresting. Propaganda is real, the same manipulation tactics that Nazis were so bad for using to manipulate the Germans.

Great Britain is a lie and it’s people are disillusioned. Countries who, as a majority, want to promote tradition in society will hinder social change because that mindset of keeping the country “white and free” as it was in the “good old days” is blatantly Nationalist. Conservative flagshaggers can get to fuck.


I enjoy a smoke, me. The songs about breaking the stigma around weed and questioning the legality of alcohol and alcohol culture. In the UK and definitely all over the world too, you see alcohol make people fight in the streets, smash in shop windows, shout obscenities and make themselves look like cunts. If they had a smoke instead, they’d just be chilling with a Fanta watching funny dog compilations at home.

I’ve seen alcohol turn people and myself fucking ugly, and I don’t know why that’s the socially acceptable answer to recreational substances to some people. Drink has ruined people’s lives and ended people’s lives, and there’s so much public endorsement to it. I’m not fully condemning it; people can do what they want and I enjoy a drink every now and again. I just know that it’s got to be done in a responsible manner of it can be dangerous, and it’s strange that you see adverts for it on TV and so much encouragement for it in culture. Yes, there’s a lot of information made aware to people about the dangers of drinking, but it’s still on offer on the shelves at Asda. Also, hangovers fucking suck.


It’s pretty straightforward with the meaning. People who use trust as a lure for disgusting purposes like that, all these disgraced TV show presenters using their fame and wealth to keep people quiet, are the lowest of the low. So this is just a chant about it, something I invest aggression into.

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