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A KIND OF SUPERHERO – Italian punk rockers release new track & video

Italian punk rockers A KIND OF SUPERHERO have recently premiered a new track and video for their new song “Feel2feel“, featuring Dave Deaf + Davide Torti from Deaf Autumn. With the powerful new single, the pop punk infused rockers took a grittier turn, and expanded their melodious sound from 2 previous EP with a melodic hardcore edge that gave them a proper kick! Watch and listen for yourself.

The band’s vocalist Alessandro Campagna comments:

Sometimes happens that your world falls into pieces, maybe because you try to do your best for someone that needs help (without understand it) but despite this everything goes wrong.

I’m Italian, so it’s not always easy to write what goes through my mind, even because i always try to fit the words after the instrumental parts, trying to write in rime something that makes sense.

In this song in particularly it’s like each vocal part talks about how you go through this situation with different feelings. (Strength, angry and resignation)

A KIND OF SUPERHERO by Mirko Messini

A KIND OF SUPERHERO by Mirko Messini

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