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A solid hit of PROTEIN! Youth crew pack discuss new songs, Polish hardcore

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Fresh off the release of their new 2-tracker and just in time for their tonight’s show with CHANGE (members of BETRAYED, THE FIRST STEP, UNION OF FAITH, KEEP IT CLEAR and ODD MAN OUT), Warsaw/Cracow straight edge youth crew PROTEIN check in on IDIOTEQ for a little feature, including some insights on the new record, their local hardcore scene, and more!

Catch PROTEIN live tonight in Częstochowa alongside Change, Heatseeker, Vicious X Reality and Zawody, and stay tuned for more tours, including a Russian run in May (with Foreseight), and a European follow-up in September!

Credits: Guitars and vocals recorded at Czerpak Studio in Nov ‘19. Drums recorded at Waiting Room Studio in Oct ‘19. Mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth. Artwork by Maciek Wolański.

PROTEIN released their demo in 2017 and debut EP “Alive” one year later, but these boys are no new to the scene. Asked about their backgrounds and other projects, guitarist Krystian shares:

Maciek is the vocal in Vicious x Reality and a man behind Youth 2 Youth Records.

Robert is doing vocals in fresh groove-loaded band from Warsaw called Easy and also a man behind xPerfect Momentx zine.

Damian is the tireless machine doing guitars in Protein, bass in 90’s hardcore act Foresight (along with me) and doing drums for Vicious Reality and Regres.

I’m also playing – as I said – in that heavier band called Foresight which arose on the ruins of my previous band – Radiance.

The new EP

The new EP called The things I cannot hide is slightly different from what we did on our previous records (Alive EP and demo). The youth crew is still the core of the songs but we added some 90’s melodies + groovy parts and (I hope) it turned out great. This record is also more personal than previous ones if it comes to the lyrics.

Walls and Faces is all about the places we love. Personally it’s the nostalgic anthem about my hometown and closest friends which I miss a lot.

It’ll be out on Refuse Records soon!


Moving through these empty streets
As blocks pass me by with
Every step and every corner
It feels like they’re all mine
Sometimes stranded with nowhere to go,
But it’s for me to be
These walls and faces have changed
But the street lights are still guiding me

No place
No place like here

In Between is the song about being torn in two worlds. I think everyone sometimes feels like everything we do is pointless no matter how much we try. My minds answer for that is that inner rage which sometimes is to hard to control so I have to fight with myself to stay in balance.


Have you ever felt the fear of life slipping away
Slowly losing contact, soaking up all the pain
My once bright vision is now getting dimmed
I’m afraid to admit what I have gotten in
Surrounded by foes who claim to be my friends
They always find a way to pull me down in the very end.

Anxiety hard to despise
Urging rage that I decline
I try, I fucking try
to keep that precious peace of mind

Every step that I take is like balancing between
Noose tightening still, thoughts becoming ill
It’s tearing me up, it’s pulling me away
Can I expel these shadows and hold myself sane?

still seeking

Polish hardcore and other bands worth your time

Krystian: For me PLHC is in pretty good shape. I mean it always could be better but hey – it’s still alive, there are new kids on the block, new bands like Heavy Runner, Embitter, Robert’s Easy, Heatseeker and much more. The only thing I’m crying my heart out is lack of the zines.

Give a shot to PL finest Embitter (they are doing new LP and it’s going to be huge) and Easy, because demo is coming out soon.

Besides our scene I recommend to check out last Magnitude LP, Point of Contact, Figure, One Step Closer and shitload of good bands from Plead Your Case Records.

From Europe you should definitely try new Higher Power, Spirit Crusher, Give Today and Blood Sermon from Sweden.

CHANGE show in Częstochowa

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