A video interview with Cape Town’s melodic hardcore act PAST HAUNTS

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Cape Town, South Africa, one of the most beautiful places in the world, is certainly not lacking in interesting bands that should be on your radar. One of them is PAST HAUNTS, a melodic post hardcore quartet full of promosing ideas for moving the progressive, yet very melodic rock music forward. With their most recent EP “Others”, released on September 29th this year, PAST HAUNTS are ready to reach out for more and not get sucked into developing another generic subgenre.

I’m very proud to present you one of my latest interviews, one of the first video interviews that emerged at this year’s festival of interviews. For those not acquainted with the band, plus all of you interested in Cape Town’s music scene, this video is a must to watch. Enjoy and proceed to hear their latest EP below.


Questions asked:

1. Hi there buddies! How are you? How’s Cape Town?

2. With more than 400 interviews conducted for IDIOTEQ, you’re the very first act hailing from Africa. Many people consider Cape Town as the safest and most domesticated city in Africa. Moreover, the most beautiful city in the world! What makes Cape Town so special and sich a liveable city?

3. This may sound funny, but there are various stories circulatingIs about the city. We’ve heard a bunch of stories about the gangsters of Cape Town, local gang task forces fighting them, the drugs problem, dangerous slums areas, etc. Is Cape Town a safe city to visit?

4. I guess it’s fari to say and the music scene in Cape Town is very small, right? How vital and diverse it is? How is the punk and hardcore music scene over there in your area?

5. Are you all originally from Kapstad?

6. The city of Cape Town was built over almost three centuries of colonial rule. How far back does the history of your family go? Have you tried to find out how deep and rich history of your family tree is?

7. Can you tell us about your friendship and what led you to launch this project?

8. Could you talk a bit about the inspiration for the name PAST HAUNTS and its significance?

9. Who are some of the writers and musicians you admire most and could name your biggest source of inspiration?

10. Do you have a favourite record that holds special meaning for you?

11. What’s you usual writing and composing processes? I’d be curious to know which usually comes first: a concept, melodies, lyrics, or single riffs? Feel free to show us an instance and break down the writing and recording processes of your both EPs.

12. What do you write about? Are there any themes that still give you pause when you try to write about them, or any stories that you find more difficult to tell, but still want to get them out through your music?

13. How do you improve as instrumentalists?

14. What does it mean to you to be qriters and musicians for you guys? What is your hope for young emerging bands from South Africa in terms of the next generation of musicians, ready to develop the local scene even more?

15. What do you think is the biggest take-away from this band? Personally, what does it mean to be a part of PAST HAUNTS?

16. Ok, buddies. Since we’re sharing this interview via social media channels, what do you thing of its impact on independent music? Many bands live or die by services like Facebook or Bandcamp. There are so many likes, updates, shares, etc. that may either help or hurt a band, but sadly from unknown sources. I mean, people are cruel and the Internet goes unpunished.

17. How do you get your voice heard? How do you connect with the rest of the world? Would you consider shipping your asses overseas for a tour?

18. Speaking of shows, how mane gigs do you play annually?

19. What is it like playing your music live in your area? Can you describe a typical live show?

20. What experience have you had with playing local shows with local promoters? Are there some booking crews, agencies or labels worth mentioning?

21. Ok guys. That’s all I’ve got. Is there anything you’d like to add?

22. Thanks a lot for the interview.

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