Ohio’s HOMEWRECKER check in from the road; discuss “Circle Of Death”

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Regrouped to their strong 4-piece lineup, metallic hardcore act HOMEWRECKER recently released a strong follow up to their succesful “Worms And Dirt” LP, one of everyone’s favorite purchases 2 years ago. They somehow managed to conjure more dirty, really impressive riffs and even more blackness to consume our souls. With the squealing fury thundered on every listener, HOMEWRECKER proves its solid reputation and makes us want more!

The villainous pack is currently on the road with their labelmates PHARAOH. See the dates below.

The following interview was conducted in late October 2014.


Photo by StageLoad.

Hey guys! What’s up? How are you? How’s the tour been so far?

Yo! We are currently riding on our way to Kelowna, BC. We’re exactly a week into this tour with PHARAOH and it’s already been times better than previous tours.

Ashtabula and Cleveland are not on the list! How come? :)

We played Ashtabula a few months ago, shows don’t really happen there much anymore. We have a show planned for Cleveland on December 6th and it’s actually going to be the record release show for ‘Circle of Death’. HARMS WAY will be coming from Chicago to play it as well as some awesome Cleveland area locals: CRUELSTER, WASTED BLOOD and CHOLERA AD.

Cool. So what cities, venues and bands are you guys most excited to see on the rest of this tour?

A lot of the venues on this tour we have never played before. It was nice to play the Borg Ward in Milwaukee again because we hadn’t played there in years. In Seattle we are playing with EYEHATEGOD, POWER TRIP and IRON REAGAN, in Baltimore we are playing with NOISEM, ILSA and ETERNAL SLEEP. We are excited for all the shows though.

How are the good guys from PHARAOH doing? Have you ever been acquainted with them before this lengthy trek?

PHARAOH is doing great on this tour. Their new record is awesome and we are glad people are giving them a lot of support even if it’s their first time seeing them. We had watched PHARAOH at the most recent A389 Bash but had never really gotten to know them and they are all awesome people. Another group of people who love playing music and being on the road.


You’ll be spending this year’s Halloween in California with ROTTING OUT. Any special plans to celebrate it?

Of course! It’s Halloween! I went as a Baseball Fury from The Warriors.

Would you say this tour is your best and biggest yet?

So far. Yes.


Are there already plans to broaden the Circle Of Death and hit Europe, Asia, or other places with your newest work? Does HOMEWRECKER have any plans lined up for after the tour ends?

We would love to go back to Europe and experience Asia and Australia for the first time. We are just waiting for the right offers to come in. We have a shorter tour planned in December/January that brings us down to FYA Fest in the Orlando area. We will be going with MODERN PAIN from Texas and a new band called SICK SYMPTOM.

By the way the new record, do consider it a strong set in a live setting? How are the new songs working live?

I would say the songs are going over very well live. We play a balanced set of new songs and songs from “Worms And Dirt”.

Playing live gigs – is that the more gratifying aspect of running a band for you guys?

We always have a good time playing. People always have nice things to say to us after the set and it’s awesome being so far from home and seeing people know the songs and all that.

Homewrecker (Full Set) from hate5six on Vimeo.

Are there some bands or artists that have had a great impact or influence on your live performance?

Not so much our live performance. We just try to play our songs, as tight as possible with as little talking in between songs.

If you had to choose another band’s setlist to play live, whose would you pick?


The Circle of Death LP comes out in late October, but it has already crushed us all with even heavier and more elaborate blend of death metal, grindcore and crust hardcore. I guess it wouldn’t be an exxegaration to state that you fellas are in demand, haha! Given the reception of your shows and records, gave you had any ridiculous offers worth mentioning?

Thanks! Nothing too crazy. We’ve just been doing a lot better than normal with merch sales and door money. A funny offer incident was when a promoter for a certain fest (unnamed because they were cool about it in the end) offered us the most we have ever been offered to headline a fest. Only to later have the offer taken away because “they thought we were a lot bigger than we actually were.”

Do you ever concern yourselves with being perceived as “too metal for a hardcore band” by hardcore punk fans, and “too hardcore for a metal band” by metal fans? Is this really an issue in your area and local music community? Do you get this kind of reaction from some fans?

I think we’ve always had a subtle metal influence even back when we first started but its definitely a lot more present now, especially seeing us live as a 4 piece with no front man like most hardcore bands would have. We are starting to look into doing more metal based local shows when we can. Just to show we aren’t trying to isolate ourselves to one spectrum. If anyone thinks we are too metal for a hardcore band and vice versa, I’m not too worried about their support anyways haha. We just focus on putting on a good show and putting out good songs.

From where do you derive the more thrash and metal elements of your performance? Give us some essential metal names to check out for all the close-minded hardcore kids reading this interview? ;)

We’ve just always liked playing fast music. Certain bands have influenced I guess. We don’t have an obscure list of metal bands to check out so just jam ENGLISH DOGS.


Ok buddies, so what’s next for HOMEWRECKER in 2015?

We have that tour with MODERN PAIN that crosses over into the New Year. We want to go overseas again to promote ‘Circle of Death’ over there also. We have Maryland Death Fest to look forward to also. Tour tour tour


Where on the list of priorities is this band for you guys at this point in your lives? Do you have some non-musical activities that can drag you out from this project someday and brutally end it?

Some of us have made connections to still stay involved with music if we aren’t playing in a band. If all else fails I guess we can just go back to school right?

Thanks so much for your time! Good luck on the road!


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