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ACxDC interviewed by And So Is Dick Cheney

And So Is Dick Cheney magazine conducted an interview with Sergio from reunited powerviolence machine ACxDC.

First off how are your twins doing?I s your little one recovering well after her surgery?

Yea she’s perfect! She had her surgery a little more than two months ago. She’s back to normal nowadays. You wouldn’t be able to tell she had such a crazy surgery. The only thing that she has is a scar down her chest and wire in her sternum to help fuse her bones together.

Why don’t you introduce yourself,the bands you’re currently in,and your 5 favorite bands/artists?

Im Sergio and Im the singer. Currently Im in ACxDC. My other band ¡Liberate! is on hiatus and well probably play our last shows soon. Then im starting a straightedge metal band with a Black Breathe sound. Currently Id say I really like Black Breath, Nomads, Afternoon Gentlemen, DNF and Condition.

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