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AKANI – New York hardcore punks team up with Swedish melodic death metallers for a new exciting project!

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Nu metallic hardcore / metalcore act AKANI have premiered a new track off of their upcoming record Through My Darkest Infernal, coming up in 2 weeks via Demons Run Amok Entertainment! The track is called “Temple Of Lies” and marks the third new song available for streaming. Check all of the new jams below and expect a full stream soon!

Akani was formed in 2012 by singer Jorge Rosado from Merauder fame and Dead Reprise’s drummer Anders Löwgren with the aim of merging the rage of NYC hardcore with heaviness of Swedish death-metal. Joined shortly thereafter by guitarists Anders Björler and Daniel Antonsson, from At The Gates and Soilwork respectively, and Entombed bassist Victor Brandt, the group soon recorded four songs for an EP titled “Santa Muerte”, which was released in 2014 by Demons Run Amok and is now completely sold out.
With Daniel Cederborg formerly of Path Of No Return replacing the departed Anders Björler and Daniel Antonsson taking over the bass as well as guitars, Akani are back with their first full-length and they sound more potent and heavy than ever before.
Captured between Gothenburg and New York, “Through My Darkest Infernal” sees Akani confidently blending the straight-up, intense rage of hardcore with the crushing heaviness of metal, yet this time they’ve included some new twists and ideas to make this 14-track album a thoroughly rewarding and interesting listen.
This album is a must for all aficionados of Merauder, Hatebreed and Earth Crisis, but will also appeal to fans of Sepultura, Obituary and The Haunted.

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