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Alt rockers NEW YOU share new single “Big Surprise”, share top DIY bands worth a check

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NEW YOU’s latest single “Big Surprise” was just released by Lonely Ghost Records. It will be featured on the band’s upcoming EP ‘Candy’, which will be their first major release.

NEW YOU is a power-pop/ alt-rock band from the outskirts of both Tacoma and Seattle, Washington. They are self-described as ‘Pacific Northwest pop hit-makers. The band consists of guitarist/vocalist Blake Turner, bassist Chase Valentine, guitarist Cody Gores, and drummer Mike Parker. ‘Big Surprise’ marks a new phase for NEW YOU.

The band’s new song opens up at a sprinting pace. According to the band, “The track starts at full speed from the jump and doesn’t offer a respite until the very end, mimicking the subject matter of the lyrics.”

This earworm of a single feels reminiscent and pop-punky, with a side of grunge for good measure. It has a driving force, and impeccable drum fills -the song’s double-edged meaning and tasteful vocal harmonies aren’t dissimilar to that of The Foo Fighters. This single is plaintive and listenable, but also, rowdy.

“Push a daisy through it
It doesn’t matter when we die
It’s a big surprise”

As we listen, it becomes pretty clear that the phrase ‘big surprise’ is sardonic.

“The song is a sort of side-eyed, sarcastic rumination on existing and loving in what often feels like the end of days. Every day I wake up to some new horrific thing to feel anxious about, and it seems almost like laughing at god to carve out my own slice of joy in spite of it all. Like I shouldn’t be allowed to, but what the hell else am I going to do? I just find existence sort of darkly funny lately I guess, and wanted to write a song reflecting that feeling.”

NEW YOU by Alexandra Laur
NEW YOU by Alexandra Laur

We finally get a small reprieve in the bridge section, when the harmonies become lusher, and we get a lyrical ray of sun.

“And if it’s more than you can stand
I’ll hold your hand
It doesn’t have to be so bad
The world is gone but we’re not sad
You know, I know”

This power-chord-infused bop is a paean for those stuck in a circle of suffering, a chuckle at the ridiculousness of it all. ‘Big Surprise’ ends unresolved on the V chord, leaving us all hanging onto the final and sonorous last note.

NEW YOU’s favorite bands in the DIY scene right now:

“So we’d like to mention a few bands that exist in our wheelhouse that I think are really on the cutting edge of this power pop/alternative wave that’s happening in the scene.” – comments the band.


These guys put out an absolutely stellar LP last year that should’ve been a monster success and really deserves to be heard. Fans of the jangly side of power pop should not miss out. FFO Meat Puppets, Dinosaur Jr etc. Buy their vinyl.


This is a solo project I believe that seemingly appeared overnight and absolutely blew the doors off of the scene. The fuzziest thing you’ll hear all year. They just did a collaboration song with Militarie Gun that makes me blush when I hear it because it’s so good. Nonstop earworms, not a second of runtime wasted on anything else.


Everything about this band just seems cool as hell to me. Fuzzy, heavy, riff centric and fun as hell. I listen to their LP at the gym and can double my reps when it’s on. I’m shit at describing things sonically but imagine a much more aggressive Rozwell Kid and you’re getting close.


This is a fellow Tacoma band that I was able to catch live when they opened for Nothing on a recent tour and was blown away. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a group of people having so much genuine fun on stage in my life. Big time chorus pedal cleans mixed with fuzz to craft a very laid back sound that sticks in your head for weeks. As they say, best band since Oasis.

Jacky Boy

I actually just got turned onto this band like two weeks ago and fell in love immediately. Lots of bands (including ourselves) are doing sort of a 90’s thing right now, but I think this group nails it in a way that feels absolutely authentic and a cut above the rest. Mid-tempo hooks perfect for a long summer drive.

“We’re gonna cheat now and throw out some other names that we really admire:  Mo Troper, Wish Kit, Camp Trash, Cool Original, Virginity, Supercrush, Shine and so many more are crafting a huge exciting wave of pop-forward alternative rock and it’s rad to be even a small part of it. We also wanna shout out every single artist on our label, Lonely Ghost Records. An absolute smorgasbord of eclectic talents, genuinely a label lineup that has something to offer everyone. Please check them all out. Thanks.”

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