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TITLE FIGHT, WEEZER, BALANCE & COMPOSURE and more inspirations behind the new LP from INTERVENTION!

INTERVENTION is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Drew Portalatin. Drew produced, tracked and mixed the record at Space Camp in Pine Studios in the historic Murray Hill neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida. His new LP The World Is Screaming will be available on August 5. The band is also announced for The Fest in October.

Soon after the recent release of their recent release of their new single “Target”, we have teamed up for a special list of INTERVENTION’s top inspirational records that helped them craft their new album. Check it out below!


1. Balance & Composure – Separation

This is my favorite record of all time. I remember being introduced to the indie/punk scene in 2011 when I was in 9th grade and this being the first record I heard that really captivated me. This is a record that inspired me to get into Audio Production (thank you Brian McTernan) and into writing heavier more intricate music than what I had been doing at the time. Truly a life changing album for me.

2. Hovvdy – True Love

A newer record that slowly worked its way up into my top ten albums. Big fan of the lofi production on this album and the way that the songs are in a way built around it. If you couldn’t tell, Whens This World Going To End was a very hovvdy influenced song for us using great acoustic guitar layers, lots of synth and external percussion.

3. Failure – Fantastic Planet

90’s rock in general is a big influence for us, but this album stands out more than anything. This record taught me the importance of dynamics in songs, and how to make a big moment THAT moment. This album also made us want to mix more electronic elements with some big rock riffs.

4. Weezer – Everything Will Be Alright In The End

By far my favorite record by one of my favorite bands. This album inspired us tonally throughout the album. Tom Lord Alge is a big inspiration to me, and this is my favorite record that he’s produced. I remember watching a lot of his Mix With The Masters video on this album going over a lot of the techniques used to record this album, and then incorporating them into my own productions.

5. Drug Church – Cheer

One of my favorite records that’s came out over the past five years. Another one where the production just feels so thoughtful to me. Chorusy/wobbly guitar tones over big punk chord riffs and super aggressive vocals while still keeping something melodic going on. This record inspired me to step out of my own comfort zone and try some different vocal techniques on our record, especially all the screaming bits.

6. Third Eye Blind – Self Titled

This record inspires me routinely with melody building and vocal technique. This record taught me how to sing fast, sing it with meaning, and how to structure songs in a more creative way. Also with Eric Valentine working on this record, in my opinion is one of the best albums sonically that I’ve ever heard.

7. Title Fight – Shed

I feel like it can’t be an inspiration list without a classic Title Fight appearance. Such a big influence ever since discovering the band in high school. This band got me into the whole realm of Will Yip and I wouldn’t have found some of my favorite records without first hearing title fight. This record radiates this feeling of being on my bus at 5:15am heading to school always feeling like I wanted something more out life.

8. Oso Oso – Basking In The Glow

I remember we were on tour with Daisyhead when this record came out, and one night we all got stoned in the van to check it out, and from the second intro started, we were all jaw dropped of how insane of a record this is. Since then, its an album I’ve jammed multiple times a week, and it never got boring to me which I feel doesn’t happen very often. This album has it all, from some of the sweetest melodies, insanely cool production, and just overall amazing song writing.

9. The Sidekicks – Happiness Hours

Probably one of my most listened to albums of all time. This record inspired me through great story telling, odd song structure working to benefit the song, and not being afraid to be different. This is one of those records that makes me feel just happy to be here. A truly unique album that holds a special place in my heart, and has been a rock for me in many emotional low points.

10. White Reaper – You Deserve Love

Just a true rock and roll ripper of an album. This record heavily inspired a lot of the guitar work throughout “The World Is Screaming”. Ripping solos, dueling guitars, and just bringing rock and roll back to 2022. This record taught me how to use a guitar as more of a backup vocal esque instrument rather than something that sits in the background. I remember seeing them live back in 2019 and then immediately going home and being like “Wow, I need to get better at guitar”.

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