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ANSA’s emotional hardcore resonance: relishing relationships in an era of trade-offs

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The alternative music world pulses with stories, emotions, and evolutions. As autumn leaves begin to fall, Ansa adds a chapter of their own. Following their September release, “Decyzje,” an anticipation has been building for their October album, set to launch via D.I.Y Koło Records. The band now graces us with their mesmerizing new track, “Ile Znaczysz.”

“The song ‘Ile znaczysz‘ is one of the earliest compositions created for this album.” – says the band.

“We birthed this piece nearly 8 years ago, and it has finally found its way into a studio recording. It touches on the theme of fading emotions and relationships among individuals, yearning for a return to its pristine, sincere form. Our worth as human beings often mirrors how much genuine, selfless goodness we can offer, without commodifying these bonds. In today’s world, love, friendship, and empathy towards another being are all too often treated as ‘goods’.”

The new track hints at influences from early legends of the Polish emo punk rock scene such as Zlodzieje Rowerów oraz Die Last and the second wave like Odszukać Listopad, and even the new wave of bands such as Aporia, who, by the way, are disbanding after an upcoming farewell event (detailed below).

The band recently unveiled fresh photographs of them together. Though the images are candid, they resonate with the essence of their camaraderie.

On this note, they felt it pertinent to share that Michał a.k.a. Michas, their bassist for a significant period, has moved on to tread his own path.

While life sometimes demands changes, their bond remains unbroken, gratitude brimming for the shared memories and challenges. Michał had been a part of their last album, but fans should now look forward to seeing Jacek, the dashing figure to the left, performing live. Jacek, though a recent official addition, has always been close to the band’s heart as a cherished friend.

Ansa extends a heartfelt invitation to their forthcoming shows, including a farewell gig from Aporia:

Ultimate Emo Party | 14.10 | Opole – Wyjście Awaryjne
Ultimate Fall Out Boy Before Party | 16.10 | Warszawa – Hydrozagadka
Ultimate Emo Party | 20.10 | Szczecin – Hala Odra
Ultimate Emo Party | 21.10 | Kołobrzeg – Centrala
Ultimate Emo Party | 27.10 | Łódź – Wooltura
Ultimate Emo Party | 28.10 | Wrocław – CRK
APORIA (final concert) x ANSA | 25.11 | Tczew, Warsztatowa

This final concert of their friends APORIA promises an incredibly diverse musical journey, showcasing the intelligent and emotional sounds that hardcore can elicit. be sure to drop by if you’re near.

For different shades of post hardcore, screamo and emotional hardcore, check out our lengthy Spotify playlist:

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