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TCHERT’s “Irukandji”: a dive into nature’s most fearsome sting

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Daring to pull inspiration from the raw, unfiltered ruthlessness of nature, TCHERT has done just that with their recent release, “Irukandji.” This song is more than a mere assembly of beats and lyrics; it’s an auditory journey that mirrors the haunting pain and paralyzing fear one might experience when confronted by the world’s most venomous creature: the Carukia Barnesi jellyfish.

Penned by TCHERT and set in motion with a visually compelling music video directed by Jachym Belcher, “Irukandji” is a testament to the band’s profound artistry. It’s not just the lore behind the Irukandji syndrome—where victims endure excruciating pain that’s often coupled with an impending sense of doom—but the intricate fusion of musical genres that sets this track apart.


As the band reveals, “Irukandji” is the first single of the upcoming EP “INTI,” set to grace our ears on December 8, 2023. Diving into the song’s thematic layers reveals a homage to the minuscule yet mighty Carukia Barnesi jellyfish. The Irukandji syndrome, resulting from its sting, paints a vivid picture of visceral pain, described as nothing short of unbearable.

The song itself embarks on a sonic odyssey that commences with sheer metal onslaught. This vigor soon morphs into the raw dynamism of hardcore, punctuated by energizing beats. As listeners journey on, they’ll be met with the deathcore growls, an eerie ambiance reminiscent of a chilling horror film teaser, only to be thrust back into the frenetic world of metalcore. It’s a relentless pursuit into the realms of death metal, demonic backdrops, and even the shadowy atmosphere of black metal, culminating in a beatdown-infused climax. What a trip.

It’s also worth highlighting the collaboration with Matt from the renowned slam/death-core ensemble, Silent Generation. His contribution imbues the song with an extra layer of raw intensity. “Matt is killing it on the featuring here!” the band exclaims, echoing the sentiments of many who have experienced this sonic masterpiece. From the thumping blast beats to the resonant low growls, “Irukandji” promises to be a staple for anyone with an ear for the heavy, beatdown, and metal genres.

Tchert by @miska_kalikova
Tchert by @miska_kalikova

TCHERT, a project birthed in the metaphorical inferno in 2021, is more than just a band—it’s a reflection of souls encapsulated in dark lyrical content and a symphony of low-tuned guitars and bass.

The roster boasts talent such as Tom Rothschild lending his vocal prowess (previously with Skywalker and Dasey Hill), Jakub Hlavacek strumming the guitar (also of Silent Generation and Shrill Whispers), Cervo Francesco on bass (formerly with Marked As An Enemy), and Premdus masterfully handling the drums.


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