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Spanish experimental post hardcore act ÀNTEROS premiere new track “Polaris”; teasing new expansive and compelling record next month

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Barcelona experimental post rock / post hardcore ensemble ÀNTEROS have announced their sophomore full-length due out November 24th via a number of prolific DIY labels, Aloud Music Ltd. (SP), Pundonor Records (SP), Lar Gravacóns (SP), Dingleberry Records (GR), Tim Tam Records (GR) and Basement Apes Industries (FR). Featuring members of TOUNDRA, and SYBERIA, ÀNTEROS have taken the distinctive genre-bending heaviness and beauty to an entirely new level! Today are premiering the new single “Polaris” ahead of the record’s release this next month! It’s awash in epic soundscapes, moving from the youthful verve of its components toward toward richer, more intensely expressive, and more emotional terrain.

The band commented:

For some of us these last few years have been tough; we lost people that we love along the way, we faced new problems and many of them are still unsolved and we live with them everyday. This record is about the struggle of not being OK, but carrying on.

In my case, I lost my father three years ago, it was a devastating and painful experience. At the moment I felt lost and confused. I started composing on my own just for the joy of making music at home, then I formed the band with friends. For me, this record is not just a record but a timeline of the last two years with their ups and downs.

As a band, with these songs we tried to achieve a mix of energy, emotion and melody. We are three guitarrists, so it was a little bit tricky not to add layers and layers of nonsense. We stuck to the essential in these songs.

We recorded with Carlos Santos and it was a great experience. We are really proud of how this record sounds, and working with him was really easy.

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Spain’s Ànteros, comprised with ex-members of Toundra, and Syberia, is back with their second full album promisingly entitled ‘Cuerpos celestes’. On the leading path of the debut ‘Lunas’, it returns to the postrock field with the epic, brutal and beautiful feel to it. With ‘Cuerpos celestes’, you are sailing through melodic and heavy postrock landscapes incorporated with elements of commanding rock and intense progressive metal. The layered guitar work and calculated instrumental frenzies are something to be admired as the rage and aggression pours forth on this release.

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