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“Anti-Social Social Club” – new Norwegian metallized hardcore act THE NIKA RIOT premiere debut single!

We’re pleased to give you the official premiere of the new track & music video from pissed-off political Norwegian hardcore group THE NIKA RIOTS, made up of notable ex members of groups over there including MAN THE MACHETES and TORCH. “Anti-Social Social Club” is very indicative of what the band is musically about, savagely pissed off hardcore imbued with throat-worn melodicism and vocal harmonies as well as metallic riffage.

The video reflects the fiery nature of the music itself with images of decay, strife and martial law interspersed with the band’s performance.  Speaking on the song the band said the following:

“the lyrics in this song were inspired by how irrational hatred and fear, if left unopposed, infects us as human beings. This is a disease which manifests through hate groups, echo chambers and xenophobia and at the cost of facts, science and morality.”

This track is the first single from The Nika Riots forthcoming debut EP titled Set Fire.  The EP will drop on January 19th via Negative Vibe Records (Blodspor, Grinding Forture (see our interview HERE) and was produced by the band’s guitarist, Jørgen Sporsheim Berg alongside Siri Vestby.  Though only forming roughly a year ago, all of the band members including Berg, Christopher Iversen (lead vocals), Morten Vikanes (bass), Kristen Fjeldstad (guitar) and Noppers Myren (drums) have notable punk/hardcore cred in the Norwegian scene.  Some of their other/previous projects includes Man The Machete (Indie Recordings), Torch (Kong Tiki Records) and ieatheartattacks (Fysisk Format).

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