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IN SHORTS #16 📢 News Roundup, October 24th

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Photo: FAZE – new record available below!

Polish metallic hardcore / crust metal / grindcore hybrid CALM THE FIRE are streaming their recent split with THE DEAD GOATS, available via Scream Records oraz NIC Records. The record delivers on every promise CALM THE FIRE have made to themselves and their listeners. What a bomb!

Husker Du, Dag Nasty and Replacements inspired punk rockers SHOPLIFTERS are streaming new track “High & Dry”, off their new EP Forgiver on White Russian Records.

Another full set video of WARZONE 20th anniversary Raymond “Raybeez” Barbieri tribute set in Tompkins Square Park in Manhattan, New York City on October 1st, 2017 has been posted online. Co-presented by Feet First Productions and Sunny of Watch below.

New Polish noise pop punk rockers SANTA IRENA are streaming their first self-titlef record, a sharply focused, sonically nervous and lyrically intelligent delivery, with an open-ended feeling that’s rare on debut records. Melodically engaging and narratively compelling. Be sure to check it out below.

It’s fall, the leaves are falling and the new HODERA record “First Things First” is out now! Effortlessly mixing vibrant indie-rock with the story telling of Americana, Hodera is prepared to be a band that never leaves listeners heads.

“First Things First could certainly be construed as a meditation on love, but quickly evolves into a dissertation on the growing pains of maturity, offering up lonesome musings that rise with the buoyancy of a late-night bar hop and settle as mercilessly as an early morning hangover. Lyrics often cascade over the nuanced fingerpicking with little regard for meter or structure, which often adds to their raw poignancy, resounding with an off the cuff, extempore thud to the heart.” – The Vinyl District

‘But there’s something special to be said about a band, or an album, that cuts right to the core of what you’re feeling and the nuances of what it’s actually like experiencing that on a daily basis; I’ve found that in Hodera‘s forthcoming album “First Things First”- Substream Magazine

New US straight edge band SEARCH FOR PURPOSE have droppd their new, poerful EP “More Than Us​.​.​.” on Bulgaria’s Ugly and Proud Records.

Search For purpose started as a solo project of North Caroline-based Matt Kalbaugh. A hardcore kid who’s been regularly booking hardcore punk shows in his area and eventually started this with a bunch of homies to handle production and drums. Best news is Search For Purpose finally has a full-band line up. Their record release gig is on January 6th. For all of us who can’t jump on the plane to the States and experience their powerful, melodic and sincere take on 90s influenced straight edge hardcore we have the pre-orders up and running on the Ugly And Proud website. They’ve pinky swore shipping will start early November. / DIY Conspiracy

Odessa, Ukraine’s screamo act YOTSUYA KAIDAN have issued their version of “Lifetime Achievement Award”, originally by UNWOUND. See the official word below and listen.

Usually on weekends we gather at our rehearsal base at six o’clock and stay there till late evening, coming up with new songs and rehearsing old stuff. On one of these cozy and rainy evenings, Artem has retuned his guitar and started playing a melancholic piece which none of us didn’t recognize at first. It turned out that it was the motive from the song “Lifetime Achievement Award” by the widely known in narrow circles band Unwound. In that moment we have realized that we should cover this song.
We started trying to play it quickly, slowly, standing on our heads — our main goal was to play it our own way. Without attaching to the structure of a classic song, writing it entirely in our vision. Reinventing, but at the same time sending regards to the veterans of post-hardcore.
We were so carried away by the process we didn’t notice the clock’s arrow crossing the timeline beyond which the public transport could no longer take us home. Therefore, we have decided to stay in the studio, and to go from the rehearsal room to the recording one (it turned out that the studio is located in the same building and our second guitarist Alex works there as a sound engineer). After several hours of setting and searching for pizza night delivery we have started our work.
It was an unforgettable and pleasant night, full of creative confusion, humor and exchanging of ideas, most of which have been accepted for the final version of our adaptation.
We strengthened the successful recording with a couple of hot cocktails in the local bar on the rose Havana and the famous Odessa’s Deribasovskaya st.
Two weeks of post-production and disputes are behind us, and we are happy to present you the fruits of our labor.
Probably the whole point is that our entire Yotsuya Kaidan team just can’t wait to start recording our debut album, which is almost completely written, so we have just knocked this musical urge off a little bit and at the same time have warmed you up with this sincere cover of good oldies who gave us so much pleasant sadness on these autumn evenings.

Maryland straight edge hardcore punks MINDSET (React! Records) have released a new photo book ‘Right in Front of Your Eyes’>. Grab it HERE.

What’s most profound and life-changing about being in a touring hardcore-punk band, as anyone knows who’s been in one or close to one, is also what’s most difficult to explain. (There are thousands of befuddled family members and co-workers and significant others who would readily agree.) When America-at-large is told about what has been happening under its nose for close to 40 years now — on stages, yes, but also, mostly, in living rooms and basements; in vans, home recording studios, and motel rooms; in diners, convenience-store parking lots, and record and skateboard shops; on beaches, twilit cobblestone streets, and crowded sleeping-bag-strewn floors — America-at-large, in the thrall of mainstream show business’s garish commerce and competitive individualism, misses the point entirely. Perhaps only photography such as appears in this, Chris Bavaria’s second book of pictures taken during his time on the road with Mindset, has the capacity to disclose the camaraderie, joy, passion, ambition, and strangeness that hide in plain sight in the everyday settings where independent music scenes surreptitiously conduct the bulk of their affairs. Each of the book’s 83 images depicts a minor miracle, a moment that should not, in the normal course of things, have happened and that cannot be fully explained. – Matt LaForge

Florida hardcore punks FAZE rea streaming their debut EP “In Silence”, available now on Triple B Records!

On their debut LP ‘Contra’, Montreal, Quebec powerviolence / metallic hardcore quartet BANAL exposes some of the punishing riffs, aggressively fast beats and monstrous vocals and lyrical writings of a total anarchy. 15 tracks sung entirely in French. Listen below.

Southern hardcore advocates DIE TRYING just dropped a hard-hitting music video for the new single “No Shame”, directed by Simone Bacchin. The song is about all the kinds of pornography you can find on people’s mobiles. If you are into porn or not, get involved with social media chat rooms with your friends and, sooner or later, you’ll find yourself watching things you never even imagined could exist… “No Shame” is the single taken from the band’s upcoming third EP “Ducal Rod” which will be released on November 6, 2017 via CBC Records. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Stefano Santi at SPVN Studio.

THE RUN UP, a 5-piece melodic punk rock band from Bristol, are streaming their new song “WKND”, off their new record on Canada’s Get Party! Records. These boys have carved out a strong reputation in their homeland UK scene, on the basis of their fun but energetic and passionate live shows. The band formed in spring 2014 and set out to have as much fun as possible. Along their travels the band have played / toured with Iron Chic. MakeWar, Wolves x4, Red City Radio, The Holy Mess, Nothington.

New Japan-inspired noisy emoviolence/screamo act 964 PINOCCHIO is streaming debut EP called ‘I’ve Been Running Round The City For 10 Minutes Straight In Order To Find You & Rip Your Fucking Face Off ‘, a fierce, unearthly entity that reconnects with what made squealing, yet atmospheric screamo bands pioneers in the first place: force, uncompromising nature, fierce emotions and uncontrolled empathy.

Chicago burger bar Kuma’s has prepared a special vegan burger in honor of CONVERGE.

Honoring the influential hardcore & metal pioneers Converge, we will offer a vegan burger in their name! Starting today! (New album ‘The Dusk In Us’ available 11/3!)
CONVERGE – 6oz Impossible Burger, Cherry Tomato Jam, Avocado Mash, Cheddar (v), Roasted Garlic Mayo (v), Baby Arugula, Red Onion

GO HERE to see the burger.

In other news, the band will headline a West Coast tour with CULT LEADER and SUMAC in support of their forthcoming new album, The Dusk In Us, to be released on November 3).

1/19 Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theatre
1/20 Seattle @ El Corazon
1/21 Portland, OR @ Bossanova Ballroom
1/24 Santa Cruz , CA @ The Catalyst Club
1/25 Los Angeles, CA @ The Echoplex
1/26 Santa Ana, CA @ Constellation Room
1/27 San Diego, CA @ Brick By Brick
1/28 Mesa, AZ @ Nile Theatre

Northern Virginia grindcore pack PIG DESTROYER have entered the studio to begin recording their 6th studio album, a follow-up to 2012’s Book Burner, to be released next year on Relapse Records.

Alt rockers A PERFECT CIRCLE have released the new song, “The Doomed”, the first music to be heard from the band’s highly anticipated 2018 full-length. The band’s current line-up is Maynard James Keenan (Tool, Puscifer), Billy Howerdel (Ashes Divide), James Iha (Tinted Windows, ex-Smashing Pumpkins), Jeff Friedl (Puscifer, The Beta Machine) and Matt McJunkins (Eagles of Death Metal, The Beta Machine). The band is currently on tour in America. GO HERE to see the dates.

Melodic punk rockers PEARS and DIRECT HIT! have teamed up to release Human Movement, a split album that sees both bands writing five new songs each and a cover of their counterpart’s material. Check out their new video for the title track below.

Chicago pop punkers KNUCKLE PUCK are spoofing Blink-182’s “Rock Show” video in their new video for the track “Gone”, premiering today on Billboard. “Gone” is from Kncukle Puck’s newly released sophomore album ‘Shapeshifter‘ and the band are currently in the midst of a fall headlining tour with support from Movements, With Confidence and Homesafe.

Rising post punk 5-piece FEHM are set to follow up their ‘Circadian Life’ EP with a brand new double A-side single ‘Human Age / Last Breath’ this October. ‘Human Age / Last Breath’ is released through Fehm’s own imprint ‘Everything Has Meaning’ on October 28th 2017. Fehm are writing and recording their debut album for release in 2018.

Ghostly, experimental, lo-fi DIY vegan straight edge artist noemienours has premiered her new spooky record “Bear meditations LP”, available for streaming belowl. Vinyl release will be available this coming December.

Slo-fi XVX lullabies. noemienours supports a non ideological, vegan and drug-free life style. Bears have better to do than performing shows.

THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN have released a new music video for their song “Limerent Death,” a track from their latest album, Dissociation.

Greg Puciato commented:

“So … we could’ve gone the normal route and put a video out before our record came out, but the truth is we were so wiped out from the writing and the recording and the weight of the breakup that we just couldn’t give a shit at the time. Besides, we knew that nothing more conceptual than live footage ever felt right for this song anyway, and at the time, after being off tour for a while … well … there just wasn’t any. So here’s a little something, directed by Oleg Rooz, who lived with us for our last European tour and shot endlessly. It’s only a year after our album came out and about a dozen shows away from the band finale, but hey … fashionably late.”

Emotional screamo band WET PETALS (2012-2015) have teamed up with Emocat Records to re-release their 2014 self-titled tape and donate all proceeds to Planned Parenthood.

Dark twinkle from a past life half remembered. Fractured glimpses gleaned from fitful sleep.

Tallahassee, Florida’s raw d-beat hardcore punks MYAKKA (members of Threshing, Atrocitus and Ka Plaa) have released new 2-track EP called “Bored On The Fourth Of July”.

Straight edge hardcore pack PROTEIN are streaming their new demo on Polish youth crew label Youth2Youth Records. Check it out below and catch them at the following live dates, listen below.

3.11 – Warszawa
4.11 – Gdańsk
5.11 – Katowice
7.12 – Kraków
8.12 – Bielsko-Biała
9.12 – Wrocław

Manchester skate punks CLAYFACE are teasing their new record ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’ with a new track “Only Guy in The World”. The EP comes out on November 10, 2017 via Horn & Hoof Records.

After meeting in college and bonding over a mutual love of 90’s skate punk, Clayface originally began as a four piece in the summer of 2012.
Five years on and one member down, they’ve finally moved out of Archie’s parent’s basement; bringing their own blend of scrappy, melodic punk to the world.

Richmond based noise pop / indie punk rock act POSITIVE NO are streaming their new record ‘Partners in the Wild’, an astoundingly distinctive and impressive offering that will keep you cozy throughout all your Autumn days.

The Richmond, Virginia indie band Positive No started out as a project from Tracy Wilson and Kenny Close, two former members of the ’90s post-hardcore band Dahlia Seed. But Positive No don’t sound like Dahlia Seed. Instead, they sound like the wiry, serrated ’90s bands that walked the line between indie rock and pop-punk. If you’re a fan of Superchunk — and you should really be a fan of Superchunk — then there’s a whole lot to like in what they do. There’s a bit of Breeders or Speedy Ortiz in there, too. On Friday, the band followed up their 2013 full-length debut Glossa with the new album Partners In The Wild. It’s a catchy, homespun piece of rock music. / Stereogum

Influential post hardcore vets GLASSJAW have added more dates to their

New dates:

11/1 St. Louis, MO @ The Ready Room
11/4 Cleveland, OH @ House Of Blues
11/6 Clifton Park, NY @ Upstate Concert Hall
11/13 Pittsburgh, PA @ Rex Theater
11/20 El Paso, TX @ Tricky Falls
11/26 Sacramento, CA @ Ace Of Spades

Previously announced dates with THE USED:

10/27 San Francisco, CA @ The Masonic
10/28 Los Angeles, CA @ Palladium
10/30 Denver, CO @ Fillmore Auditorium
10/31 Kansas City, MO @ Uptown Theatre
11/2 Milwaukee, WI @ Eagles Ballroom
11/3 Chicago, IL @ Aragon Ballroom
11/5 Grand Rapids, MI @ 20 Monroe Live
11/7 Boston, MA @ House of Blues
11/8 New York, NY @ Terminal 5
11/10 Philadelphia, PA @ The Fillmore
11/12 Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom
11/14 Silver Spring, MD @ The Fillmore
11/15 Nashville, TN @ War Memorial Auditorium
11/17 San Antonio, TX @ The Vibes Event Center
11/18 Houston, TX @ Revention Music Center
11/19 Dallas, TX @ Southside Ballroom
11/21 Phoenix, AZ @ The Van Buren
11/24 Las Vegas, NV @ House of Blues
11/25 Salt Lake City, UT @ The Complex
11/28 Portland, OR @ Roseland Theatre
11/29 Seattle, WA @ Showbox SoDo

Belgian melodic punk rockers CAPTAIN KAISER as they have signed with Bearded Punk Records (BE) for the release of their first full length album, ‘Dog Days On Deck’. Though the album release is scheduled for early 2018 via Bearded Punk Records, Captain Kaiser is already raising our curiosity by unleashing a clip for first single ‘Eskimos And Mermaids’ onto the world.

A few months after the official release of their debut full-length effort, French cinematographic postrockers SYNOPSYS (see our exclusive feature HERE) shared the whole film which completes the album in order to offer a complete sensitive experience to the listener/viewer. In other news ‘Le Temps du Rêve’ is still available for CD, LP & Digital formats but also entire streaming on on Bandcamp.

Spanish pop punk band UPSIDE DOWN will release their debut album named ‘Scars Are Forever’ in December 2017 through KROD RECORDS. The band has launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance the recording, mixing and mastering costs for the production of the album, as well as its artwork, the upcoming music videos and the merch that the bands currently offers.

“We’ve decided to start this campaign to present our album with the highest possible quality. It is our cover letter and therefore we are looking for a certain level in every aspect. For this, we have worked with great professionals such as Txosse Ruiz at Wheel Sound Studios (Barcelona, Spain) and Jim DeMaine at Yes Master Studios (Nashville, USA). We have also worked with Jake Carruthers (Real Friends, Neck Deep, Knuckle Puck…) for the artwork of the album. Apart from all these people, we are still working with many more to get merch, videos and designs.

Apart from getting the funding, we want people to feel they are an essential part of this project and also part of the creation process of Scars Are Forever.” – Upside Down

BIG HEET, the Tallahassee quartet led by former Ex-Breathers guitarist/vocalist David Settle, are streaming their full-length debut, On A Wire, today via GoldFlakePaint. Due out October 20th via the Exploding In Sound Records Tape Club, the record shifts between agitated post-punk that darts around in a deranged brilliance and tangled post-hardcore that uses dynamics to build tension. A socially conscious album, Big Heet rally against anxiety, environmental concerns, politics, antisemitism, dead end jobs, assault, abuse, and false activism, doing their part to create real change.

The Fallen Ones, the brilliant and propulsive new album by Europe’s leading post-rock COLLAPSE UNDER EMPIRE, is streaming in its entirety. Highly interpretive and emotionally charged, The Fallen Ones evokesact images of fear, insecurity and yearning. The Fallen Ones is due out this Friday, October 20, 2017 via Finaltune Records on limited edition vinyl, CD and digital.

Collapse Under The Empire are back with an impressive new album! Chris Burda and Martin Grimm once again show their talent for diversity and release a record full of passion and haunting melodies. In the last three years the two musicians mostly concentrated on releasing other artists on their own record label Finaltune. They also prepared for their first live show ever that took place at the renowned DUNK!Festival in May 2016. In the last decade the band from Hamburg established themselves in the international Post-Rock-Scene with the release of five albums and a couple of EPs. Over the years Collapse Under The Empire developed their very own signature of electronic post-rock sound.

Collapse Under The Empire combine Synthwave- and Post-Rock in a very unique way and bring together fans of electronic sounds as well as fans of heavier music. The 9 tracks on The Fallen Ones conjure a dystopian journey that inspires to explore the landscapes of a pessimistic future. Highly interpretive and emotionally charged, The Fallen Ones evokes images of fear, insecurity and yearning. The album offers the listener the opportunity to delve into these emotions. The theme of the record fits quite well into today’s world, but besides anxieties and negativity about the future, the album also paints pictures of hope. It provides moments of being reminded to own inner strength and power.

Alt rockers CKY released their new video for ‘Head for a Breakdown’, new track from their latest album, ‘The Phoenix’, released in July via eOne Music.

Albany-based hardcore band DOWNSWING will release their new EP, Dark Side of the Mind, on November 10 via Rise Records. The band has just shared the video for the new track “Enough.” Watch it below. For fans of EXPIRE!

“‘Enough’ is about identifying who you are and what you stand for, with or against the world. Personal growth is a common theme amongst the five tracks of DSOTM. We hope you enjoy these songs just as much as we enjoyed making them. EAST COAST TRASH. SWING STYLE FOREVER,” the band said about the song and the EP.

Dublin, Ireland’s instrumental art rockers GROUNDBURST are streaming their new EP ‘Triad’, conjuring vital food for the imagination, and serving a perfect delivery for a live performance. Check it out below.

Legendary noisy psych punk rockers BUTTHOLE SURFERS are working on their ninth studio LP, their first in more than 15 years. The new album will mark their first since 2001’s Weird Revolution and will reunite founding members Leary and Haynes with drummer King Coffey and bassist Jeff Pinkus.

All I Said Was Never Heard by pop-punk-influenced singer-songwriter Lizzy Farrall is coming early next year via Pure Nopise Records. Lizzy is streaming 3 new songs off the new EP.

Metallic post hardcore act OUTLIER performed live at Real Art Tacoma 2017 on October 22nd. Watch the video below, and check out their new record “Through A Set Of Rose Shaded Eyes”

Aussie skate punk band NO QUARTER is releasing a new album on November 1st through Melodic Punk Style. Check out a song, the air up there, below (along with previously released single Abandon Ship! This Fucker’s Sinking). After many years of being away from the live scene, and also a bit of a line up re shuffle, the band returns to gigging early next year with Australian East Coast gigs and then a Japan tour lined up.

California melodic punk rockers BEAR (known from Felony Records’ Punk Rock Concoction compilation series) are streaming their 2008 self-titled record on Felony Records.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s crusty black metal experimentalists KRIEG have released a new/old record “The Harmony Virus”, featuring three tracks recorded in 2003 during the band’s first West Coast US run.

The first two tracks made up our side of the split 10″ with Azaghal & have never been put online unless through a shitty vinyl rip. The third track has stayed unreleased until now.

Rock/rap/metal group PROPHETS OF RAGE released another new song and video called Strength In Numbers, coming from their debut record, available for pre order at this spot.

Punk rockers BY ALL MEANS are streaming new track off of their new record Cultivated Rhetoric, out this Friday on Felony Records.

Greek noise rock acts RITA MOSS and FRIEND OF GODS are teaming up for a Balkan tour this November. See the details below.

After having toured and played literally everywhere in Greece, in various underground venues, festivals and parties, the guys finally decided to hit the road and present their albums live, to their lovely Balkan neighbors. Two very different bands, emerging from the underground punk scene of Athens, joining forces to spread their chaotic noisy mess all over eastern europe on their very first “BALKANA NA NA NA NA TOUR 17’”. But be prepared… The intense and fuzzy Punk/Noise/Rock from Rita Mosss and high energetic weird 90’s/MATH/PUNK from Friend Of Gods will truly shake your heads and leave a hole in your skull where your brain used to be.

friend OF GODS

NYHC veterans MADBALL have announced the departure of their longtime guitar player Brian “Mitts” Daniels after roughly sixteen years together. See the official word below and scorll down to watch a recent interview with Mitts, conducted by In Effect’s Josh Derr just before MADBALL’s set at the This Is Hardcore Festival in Philadelphia, PA on July 27, 2017.

The band commented:

“It was a very hard and heartbreaking decision, for all involved. I want to thank Mitts for all his years of service – for his loyalty, passion and stellar guitar playing. He shared the stage with us for 16 years, which is longer than any other guitarist. We shared some very special moments together in those years, both on and off stage. We had many good times, sad times, bad and funny moments. As is the case with Family. He will go into our own personal “hall of fame” of class acts that have been part of the MB family – wish you nothing but the best… Love ya Mitty! As for MB’s future plans – We will be updating you from the studio, the writing process is in full swing. Europe- we will see you in November!”

Mitts added:

“It is with very heavy emotion that I would like to announce that my time with Madball has come to and end. Over the past 16+ years with this band, I’ve been lucky enough to fulfill almost every dream that a musician could ever have. I’ve gotten to travel the globe, made 4 LP’s, 3 EP’s, shared stages with heroes of my childhood. The friendships I’ve made with all of you, from here and around the world, are priceless. Most importantly, I would like to thank my bandmates, Freddy, Hoya, Mike, as well as past members Matt, Rigg, Ben, Mackie, Raj. It’s truly been an honor to share the stage with you all.

“With regards to reasons why, I ask that you respect our privacy. The only thing anyone needs to know is that we all still remain on great terms. I have always, and will forever consider these guys my brothers, and I wish them all the best going forward from here. I have no doubt that they will continue to crush it for many years to come. Look out for ‘For The Cause’ in 2018!

“As for my future, I am by NO means retiring, or hanging up my guitar. I’ve been playing music since I was 10 years old, and I have no intentions on stopping. As well as playing, I will continue to produce bands, something that I’m very passionate about. For every bit of sadness I have from closing the Madball chapter of my life, I am also very excited and looking forward to new ventures and opportunities in music. See you all soon!”

Alt post punk rockers CASPER SKULLS are premiering “Primeval,” the third single from their forthcoming debut LP, along with its video below. The album, entitled Mercy Works, will be released on Buzz Records on November 3rd, following Casper Skulls well-received Lips & Skull EP from 2016. “Primeval” follows “Lingua Franca” and “You Can Call Me Allocator,” and the premiere is accompanied by a discussion of some of the music and art that influenced the album. The track finds the band in a meditative mode, building from three interlocking guitar parts before incorporating sweeping strings as the track reaches it’s peak, while singer/guitarist Neil Bednis draws from the writings of Abraham Lincoln and a Taoist parable as he reflects on the ways that the rising cost of living in North American cities strips them of their culture and identity.

Last month Spanish improvisionist LOE LOF LON released a new album with Engoish drummer Wayne Rex. GO HERE to check out our interview with LLL and listen to the full record below. The album is a release of Sê-lo! Netlabel in partnership with Ferror Records (Spain) and MuteAnt Sounds Net Label (USA).

“I started by recording a number of freely improvised drum tracks, with no definitive style, just play whatever I was feeling at the time. From that point on, Gori adopted the tracks, spliced them when needed and recorded his layers of freely improvised music, using everything from guitars to reeds, turning the tracks into a collection of wonderful improvised songs.”

Forming back in 2015, Glasgow band LOST IN STEREO have now released their debut EP Famous First Words, out now via Lost Records. Inspired by the belief that you should be yourself, Famous First Words is filled with five infectious slices of melodic pop rock. From the fast-paced energy of ‘The Most Anticipated Summer Blockbuster (Of The Year)’, to the raging riffs and emotion-strewn vocals of ‘Tear Out The Pages’, the EP oozes elements of pop punk favourites such as Good Charlotte, whilst the band still maintain their own distinct, fervent enthusiasm. Having already supported The Ataris and headlined Glasgow’s infamous King Tuts, Lost In Stereo look set to be filling stadiums in no time at all with this hugely catchy, energy-fuelled collection of anthemic rock.

Springfield, Missouri emo punk three piece TURF have released an amazing debut record ‘Glass Filter’.

Singapore hardcore band RECOVER (est. 1996) have unleashed their two powerful, out of print full lenghts via Malaysian record label Revulsion Records. (via UniteAsia)

Heavy metal legends GWAR are streaming new video for their song “I’ll be Your Monster”, off their new record “The Blood of Gods“.

Their new album, The Blood of Gods, is nothing less than a sacred text chronicling the rise of humanity against their makers, and the massive battle between GWAR and the forces of all that is uptight and wrong with the world. Along the way, the band challenges the sins of their great mistake, from politics, pollution, and organized religion, to fast food, and factory farming. Humans are shown as what they are; a parasitical disease that must be eradicated before they suck the planet dry.

Of course, The Blood of Gods is the first GWAR album without the band’s fallen leader, Oderus Urungus. The title of the album refers to the loss of Oderus and the struggles and triumphs that produced the new sound of the band. Born of adversity, The Blood of Gods is a sonic scar… a question asked and answered… Death cannot kill GWAR. Nothing can. GWAR LIVES MOTHERFUCKERS!

The self-proclaimed “stain on the smile of the Philadelphia music scene,” Philly noise-rockers PLAGUE MARKS have unveiled new song “Urban Blighters.” “Urban Blighters” appears on debut EP Anxiety Driven Nervous Worship, due for release this Friday, October 27th, on Learning Curve Records. and Reptilian Records.

Plaque Marks comprises members of Creepoid, Fight Amp, Ecstatic Vision, and The Powder Room. Caveman drumming, tooth-rattling bass, painfully distorted guitars, and buried yells are the elements at play, and on Anxiety Driven Nervous Worship they sound like they were recorded with one lone mic, hanging from a noose in a Philly warehouse. As Invisible Oranges editor Ian Cory puts it, “Highly combustible, jam-packed with jagged disharmony and overdriven to the brink of collapse. Plaque Marks sound absolutely filthy here. The distorted crunch that hangs over the entire production has enough character to be an instrument unto itself…”

Thumper Punk Records (USA) and Cristo Suburbano Records (Brazil) are pleased to announce the release of the third volume in the “Punk for The Gospel Benefit Compilation” series. This release features 18 punk, metal and hardcover versions of traditional Church hymns, with all proceeds from sales going to support Skate Móvil de Christian Skaters Costa Rica, a mobile skateboarding chapter of Christian Skaters International run by missionaries Aaron and Bonnie Wells. Aaron is the drummer for Richmond, Virginia based punk band True Liberty. A video for FALSE IDLE’s cover of Blessed Assurance can be seen below.

DEFTONES’ Abe Cunningham and Frank Delgado took Revolver Magazine on a tour in Sacramento, CA for Revolver recently. They showed their favorite spots to eat, and drink. Watch it below and check out their new merch collection inspired by ‘Rambo‘ film series.

Death Metal legends CANNIBAL CORPSE release new song “Red Before Black” from the album “Red Before Black”.

We have a new DIY record label on the map. PLASTERER RECORDS, based in South London, is the record label of skateboarder, artist and Wonk Unit frontman Alex Johnson. November will see the label release a UK pressing of THE DOPAMINES album, ‘Tales Of Interest’ on “Rubbish Blue” and “Horrible Green” 12 inch vinyl and the the 12-track release, ‘Roach’, from Manchester pop-punks, AERIAL SALAD on CD – Both records are available through the Plasterer Records store.

Alex Johnson commented on the label:

“We specialize in tunes. We don’t give a shit about the flavour of the month. We don’t chase. We operate outside conventional circles. We support songwriting talent. We hate the middle of the road. We love beautiful, we love extremes. We are political. We believe in social justice and equality. We are socialists, but we don’t preach. We walk the walk instead. Love thy neighbour, treat others how you’d like to be treated. We are DIY, we love our scene, DIY punk rock.”

Speaking on the two releases, Johnson said

“I played with The Dopamines last year, on tour in the US. They were messy and all over the place, but man, the sound they made left me floored. Out of the chaos, they produce a noise that is just different to everyone else. The Dopamines made me wanna pick up my guitar and write a punk record.

“Aerial Salad are my little scamps from Manchester. Bless ’em. They’re not even out of their teens yet but Jamie’s songwriting is as honest and real as it gets. Pure, raw, angst. I’m serious, if Green Day had released this after Dookie it would be classed as their best release.”

English singer-songwriter FRANK TURNER will release a retrospective set spanning his illustrious career in November. ‘Songbook’ will bring together highlights from across Frank’s six albums alongside ten brand new ‘Songbook’ versions of some of his most well-loved tracks. These reimagined versions see some songs re-recorded in full and some stripped-down to an acoustic setting. ‘Songbook’ will be released on digital and CD on Friday 24th November, with a vinyl and deluxe boxset edition following on Friday 15th December.

Ontario, Canada’s melodic post-hardcore veterans, SILVERSTEIN, recently released their eighth full length, Dead Reflection, on Rise Records, and have already spent much of 2017 on the road in support of the album. Now the band has announced yet another massive run of shows with a full U.S. tour on the books for early 2018. To celebrate the announcement the band have premiered their new music video for “Lost Positives” an explosive cut from Dead Reflection. Watch below and GO HERE to read our recent interview!

Russian punk band THE RIOT GANG has shared a new song Deaf Reality, feat. guest appearance of Zack Gontard (Dear Landlord, Off With Their Heads, House Boat, Rivethead). Check it out bbelow and stay tuned for the full record, featuring more guest appearances, including Chris Cresswell from THE FLATLINERS and Yotam Ben Horin from USELESS ID. Luke McNeill from The Copyrights and Hospital Job made mixing and mastering. Album should be released in Russia in the middle of December 2017 and the band is currnetly looking for a label to release the record in the rest of the world.

21/10 – Brooklyn, NY @ Union Hall
23/10 – Orlando, FL @ Will’s Pub (FD 4 fest)
25/10 – Miami, FL @ Churchill’s Pub
27/10-29/10 – Gainesville, FL @ The FEST 16
03/11 – Las Vegas, NV @ Evel Pie
04/11 – San Bernardino, CA @ The Halloween Horror Hangover Show – Part II

NYC-based, progressive/cinematic rock project, ORISSA, dropped the new video, “Tara” and track, “Verse V” from the upcoming album, Resurrection, due out November 3, 2017.

“A haunting multi dimensional feel… easily lets us know that Orissa has conquered their own unique style and release music that stands out in today’s scene.” (Metal Nexus).

Deathcore / metalcore / death metal act THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD have premiered a music video for their song “Hate The Living“, coming off of their newly released album “Disomus“, released on October 13th.

Ohio’s alt-rock torchbearers, CITIZEN, have recently released their powerful new album As You Please via Run For Cover Records and tomorrow the band starts a lengthy full U.S. tour. To celebrate, Citizen has teamed with BrooklynVegan to premiere a stripped-down version of “Flowerchild,” the final installment in their series of live videos recorded in Will Yip’s Studio 4.

Metalcore act ZAO have shared another new track from their forthcoming “Pyrrhic Victory” EP, to be released on November 03rd through their own Observed/Observer Records label. Listen to the new track “Clawing, Clawing, Never Cutting Through” below

Death metal act MORBID ANGEL have cancelled their European tour in November and December. The band will release their new album “Kingdoms Disdained” on December 01st through UDR Music.

“World Management and Morbid Angel announce today that there will be No November / December show dates in Europe due to continued problems with the U.S. State Department and passport issues.
We apologize to our promoters and fans and hope to be able to solve this in 2018.”

SLIPKNOT have shared a nice new live video clip of them performing ‘Before I Forget’, taken from their new film ‘Day of the Gusano’, which documents their debut live performance in Mexico in December 2015.

Rap legends WIU-TANG CLAN have released another new video in support of their new record The Saga Continues. Watch “If Time Is Money (Fly Navigation)” and “Hood Go Bang” below.

THE USED has released “Rise Up Lights”, the second track from their forthcoming album ‘The Canyon’. The noisy super charged song picks up right away with singer Bert McCracken’s undeniable vocals and guitarist Justin Shekoski’s intense guitar power hitting you right in the face. ‘The Canyon’ due out October 27th on Hopeless Records and produced by Ross Robinson (The Cure, At The Drive In) is the most raw, unadulterated and personal piece of art the band has ever released.

Melodic metalcore act 36 CRAZYFISTS have announced a string of Eurpean dates in support f their latest album, “Lanterns”.

01/18 Glasgow, UK – Cathouse
01/19 Manchester, UK – Academy 3
01/20 Birmingham, UK – Academy 2
01/21 London, UK – Islington Academy
01/23 Paris, FRA – La Maroquinerie
01/24 Amstelveen, NET – P60
01/25 Brussels, BEL – AB Club
01/26 Koln, GER – Jungle
01/27 Eindhoven, NET – Dynamo
01/28 Karlsruhe, GER – Die Stadtmitte
01/29 Zurich, SWI – Werk 21
01/31 Barcelona, SPA – Sala Razzmatazz 2
02/01 Madrid, SPA – Sala Caracol
02/02 Bilbao, SPA – Sala Rocket
02/04 Milan, ITA – Legend
02/05 Bologna, ITA – Locomotiv
02/06 Munich, GER – Backstage Halle
02/07 Wien, AUT – Chelsea
02/08 Bratislava, SLO – Randal
02/09 Warsaw, POL – Hydrozagadka
02/10 Prague, CZE – Rock Cafe
02/11 Berlin, GER – Musik And Frieden

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