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As crushing as its is uplifting: interview with THOT

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Soon after their recent Polish tour, quick South Korean run and just in time for their first anniversary of the FLEUVE album release, we have teamed up with Belgian experimental industrial rockers THOT to talk about their soulful craft, recent touring experience, and plans for the future. Read up below and watch the band’s recent studio video for VOLGA, described by THOT’s mastermind, Grégoire Fray:

“VOLGA is the ultimate song I composed for the album FLEUVE. It is also the last song we’ve recorded during the studio session. It is the one that took me the most energy and relieved me after months writing and composing the nine songs of this album.

Magnus Lindberg (producer of the record) and I were alone in the studio to record that song and we opened the door of the guitar booth. I turned the amps’ volumes to their limit and merged with my guitar & the natural reverb of the room. I needed to have a physical relationship with the sound, letting my body flowing with it, like the flow of the river. I did three takes and we kept the last one.”

THOT’s ;atest full length release “FLEUVE” was released one year ago via the band’s own Weyrd Son Records. To celebrate, THOT have released an interesting nine tape edition of the record, sserving one tape for each song (album edit on side A) and its demo version (side B). Limited to 25 copies, the unique item is available at this location.

Hey there guys! Great to have you here. How are you? How’s this year been treating you so far?

Hi Karol, thank you for having us in your cool magazine once again, always a pleasure. I’m good and I can say that this year has been treating me (and the band) very well.

How was that short German/Polish run in late August?

Really good. It was the best way to say goodbye to the summer, by meeting old friends and make new ones on the road.

What were some of the most fascinating and surprising places, venues you visited and people met on the roads while touring?

We have been really surprised by Hannover. It was our first time there, and we played a full house show. We loved playing in Gdańsk too, especially since Soundrive is a fantastic festival, in the astonishing B90 complex on the port. Coming back to Wrocław is obviously always a pleasure since we have many friends around.

THOT by Maëva Brifflot
THOT on tour by Maëva Brifflot

You recorded an original, interesting live video in Wrocław, that was connected to the Odra river. Tell us about this idea.

Actually, the concept behind the album FLEUVE was born in Wrocław after I spent some time there, and ODRA was the first songs I wrote. So I couldn’t miss the opportunity to pay a tribute to the city and the river while touring there.

When and why did the themes of rivers become important to you?

I had to deal with some health issues for a few months after our “Negative Buildings Tour” (September/October 2015). I found relief and inspiration with the themes of rivers. Also, I wanted to write something the about European continent and connexion between countries and cultures.

Your recent releases expressed a strength, intelligence and sensuality that transcend genres and combined mystery with beautiful tributes to nature. Tell us more about the concepts that came out of your inspirations and what fuels your creative songwriting and lyrical approach.

Thank you for those kind words, I’m happy that you felt it that way. Like I said above, European continent is one of the creative fuels behind this record. As a touring musician, I’m amazed by the connexion between people who can be separated by thousand of miles, and sharing the same passion. This is a great wealth. There is friendship, there is love, there is art. I got interested in European cultures as much as I could, and my idea was to write an ode to all of this. Rivers connect people, countries, inspire people.

The progression between your earlier works and ‘FLEUVE’ is pretty significant. Did you imagine evolving like this? Also, where do you see your art going next?

Thank you! I’ve always liked challenging myself, as a human being and as a musician. When I’ve started writing FLEUVE, I had a precise idea when I wanted to go and I’m happy that I made it with the band. For now, I’d like to bring continuity of what being achieved with this record.

What shaped your work and contributed to your development as ambitious musicians and writers?

Touring as a band or solo, travelling as much as I could, being open minded to every experiences I had the chance to live, and not listening to some advices!

Ok, so lastly, what are your next steps, both recording and touring wise? Can we expect a new conceptual masterpiece in 2019 from you guys? Do you already have some ideas for the new full length?

By the time I’m putting these words down, new songs are finding their ways from my senses to my hands, and I’m in the process of writing new material. You can expect some kind of follow up to FLEUVE, but I haven’t decided about the direction yet. To the sea or to the mountain’s top?

Great, thanks so much for your time guys. Feel free to add your final words. Hugs from Warsaw!

Thank you again for having me Karol. Well, I hope we can meet the next time we play in Warsaw. Take care and long live IDIOTEQ!

THOT by Van's Ography live@
THOT by Van’s Ography
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