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ASS LIFE make a hilarious statement against counterproductive activism

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Noisy hardcore punk act from Los Angeles, ASS LIFE, have teamed up with us to premiere their 6th and final music video as part of the record cycle for their debut album, ‘A Couple Cold Ones’, released in 2015. The video makes a satirical statement about counterproductive activism, and can’t help but charm listeners into reminiscing about some of the best raging, wild hardcore punk acts, as well as some crazy b-horror flicks.

Though I have had the video’s concept in mind since early 2016, it’s far more relevant now than ever. Just look at the recent YouTube shootings, for a prime example.

… says Chad Fjerstad, the band’s bassist (ex DEAD TO FALL), who explained the concept thoroughly:

As seen in the news clip used in our “OpenSore” video, Southern California did go through a very serious drought in 2015. I recall certain Los Angeles residents going to much further extremes in order to reserve water, often getting into heated arguments with their own friends and neighbors for not taking equally dedicated action. I came up with the concept for this video back then – it was far more niche and specific at first. Little did I or most anyone else know that a mere year later we would enter a new climate of volatile political agendas which also sparked a relentless array of variable activist movements, some serving great purpose while some only seem to add tension, segregation, and often, violence to the current societal cesspool. We’re still in the heart of that era now.

ASS LIFE by Anthonny King
ASS LIFE by Anthonny King

Personally, I predict it will be another year or so before it starts to dwindle and decay. So, now, 2-3 years after I planned out the video, and finally shot it, the story functions on a far more universal level, symbolically. The video uses satire to make a blunt statement about counterproductive activism, and I’ve seen A LOT of it in the last couple of years – I’ve lost friends over simple conversations about it. Now, finally, I’m starting to see memes about it, like the little Kirby one I will attach to this email. Eyes are being opened.

ASS LIFE by Anthonny King
ASS LIFE by Anthonny King

ASS LIFE will be recording their second album with Mike Kriebel at Golden Beat Studios in Los Angeles on May 5th and 6th. The record will be titled “Damn, Dude”. Stay tuned for more details and check out the previously released music videos for “Diet Wine”, “Ass Life”, “Scabs”, “Bacardi Fantasy”, and “40’s at The Rook”:

Gutted sun design by Emma Maatman. Band phots by Anthony King.


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