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ATLAS – “Know Hope” video

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When you look in the mirror, what is it that you see
A reflection of the child that you once used to be
Or a broken old man losing sight of their dreams?
Once an angel in your mothers eyes,
That’s all that you’d be now
A demon that’s thriving from a skyline of greed.

I am the light that’s there to guide you home
The distant echo of a voice you used to know.
The bitter taste of a life that brought you everything,
That you’ve now clouded with visions
Only a heartless man could see.
There’s no hiding from the green in your eyes,
Your wages paid by the worlds misfortune.
Death is no longer something that we fear inside

You’ve already made us feel like
We’ve died a fucking thousand times.

Can you remember when love was worth more
Than anything you ever earned?
But with every penny spent
It seems there’s a lesson you never learnt.
The ink bleeds on the cheques
But the proceeds amount to nothing but eternal fees.
The debts breed but the world sees
How we’ll fall victim to eternal greed.

You turned your back on a world that they’d rather forget
A stranger in a life that you chose to neglect.

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