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Atmospheric rockers PILOD streaming new album “Black Swan”

Leuven, Belgium’s moody indie rockers from PILOD have premiered their new record”Black Swan” in which “the theme of the black swan, the impact of the highly improbable will appear and that will explore a world closer to home.” Wringing guitars and hidden melodies, which go back to their early roots in the 1990ies , are still the basics features of the music, but have evolved into a different sound thanks to the new line-up. Whether it is somber urgency , threatening explosiveness or a hypnotic procession pace, the songs take their time to develop and receive a direct and intense impact when played live. “Black Swans” themes and textures serve to augment a record whose textural ideas sink in further, quietly addictive, play after play. Some might say this record struggles a bit to overcome its influences, but it sound no less than solid and very natural. “Black Swan” resonates with organic, emotional intensity in a smart, experimental way. Don’t miss out on it. ads
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