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Atmospheric waves from the south: FIN DEL MUNDO’s ‘Todo va hacia el mar’ streaming in full!

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FIN DEL MUNDO by (C) Julieta Maria
FIN DEL MUNDO by (C) Julieta Maria

In a serene blend of melody and ambiance, the Argentine ensemble Fin del Mundo has released their anticipated debut album, ‘Todo va hacia el mar.’ Emerging as a poetic soundtrack to the end of days, the band weaves through eight tracks that paint an audial portrait of the majestic Patagonian landscapes.

This artistic milestone arrives alongside their inaugural European tour beginning on November 20th, touching the artistic hearts of audiences across the continent.

Celebrated for their intricate fusion of post-rock, shoegaze, and indie influences, Fin del Mundo — consisting of Tita, Juli, Yan, and Lucía — has already captured critical acclaim and a devoted following. Their latest work compiles and expands upon their previous EPs, showcasing a maturity in sound and vision. It embodies a seamless, thematic journey from the somber ‘La noche’ to the introspective ‘El incendio,’ inviting listeners to a meditative experience akin to travelling through the southernmost reaches of the Earth.

Our feature special interview with Fin del Mundo, published a while back, unveiled the quartet’s deep connection with their music and the landscapes that inspire it — a prelude to the emotional depths explored in their full-length debut. Their progression from the ‘Fin del Mundo’ EP in April 2020 to today’s lush soundscapes evidences a band in full bloom, artistically and spiritually ready to grace international stages.

The album, now available for streaming, can also be owned in beautifully crafted physical editions. In collaboration with Spinda Records, fans can procure ‘Todo va hacia el mar’ in various formats, including a pink cassette, CD, and a special vinyl release. Each format bears the stunning visual art of illustrator Óscar Málaga, merging the covers of their previous works into one.

As they embark across the ocean for the first time, Fin del Mundo is set to enchant Europe with their ethereal sounds. The tour will feature live sessions, including a performance for “Los Conciertos de Radio 3,” further immortalizing their music in the hearts of new and old fans alike.

Dates and locations from Madrid to Barcelona, with tickets now on sale.


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