FIN DEL MUNDO: of Patagonian landscapes and indie ethos

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FIN DEL MUNDO by (C) Julieta Maria
FIN DEL MUNDO by (C) Julieta Maria

From the soulful streets of Buenos Aires to the breezy horizons of Southern Patagonia, Argentina has been serenading the world with a sound that is both hauntingly beautiful and refreshingly original. Amidst its rich tapestry of sonic waves emerges a promising Argentinian quartet, Fin del Mundo. Their rise is fascinating, their sound evocative, and their journey, anything but ordinary.

Fin del Mundo’s genesis traces back to 2019, grounded in the scenic locales of Tierra del Fuego and Chubut, nestled in Southern Patagonia.

Their sonic offerings invite you on a voyage, not just through the vast stretches of Argentina but also through the corridors of the heart.

Melding the raw sensibilities of indie with the expansive soundscapes of post-rock and the ethereal qualities of shoegaze, their music is an exploration of contrasting aural textures.

Their self-titled EP in 2020 emerged as a reflective companion to listeners during the challenging times of the pandemic.

As though echoing the world’s sentiment, their sophomore EP, ‘La ciudad que dejamos’, in 2022, signalled a fresh start, implying that every end has a new beginning lurking around its corner.

“For us, the release of our first EP was a beacon during the initial months of isolation. It became a reminder that the ‘end of the world’ could merely mark the start of a fresh chapter.”

It’s rare for a band to captivate such vast audiences without the behemoth of promotion.

Yet, their live session at KEXP, a revered American radio station, garnered a staggering 1 million views in under nine months — an achievement that even eludes some of the colossal names in the industry.

Such a reception for a band without a formal album in the market speaks volumes about the potency of their craft. Their sound’s predominantly instrumental nature perhaps transcends linguistic confines, reaching hearts across geographies.

Embarking on European Shores

This Autumn, Europe braces itself for Fin del Mundo’s debut tour. From the charming alleyways of Italy and France’s artistic quarters to the spirited streets of Spain, including a showcase at Seville’s famed music fair, Monkey Week, Europe is set for an Argentinian musical sojourn.

Fin Del Mundo European Tour

Their journey across the continent is complemented by their upcoming album ‘Todo va hacia el mar‘, which will mark the first physical compilation of their previous digital-only EPs.

“The east coast landscapes of Patagonia, with their cold winds and surreal beauty, are deeply etched in our compositions, manifesting as an underlying nostalgia and desolation.”

After making waves with “El próximo verano” in June, Europe recently witnessed the unveiling of the video-single “La noche“, accompanied by the equally engaging “El fin del mundo” as its B-side.

These tracks will find their place in the forthcoming album set for release on November 3, under the banner of Spanish indie label, Spinda Records.

So, as we anticipate the arrival of ‘Todo va hacia el mar‘, it’s evident that Fin del Mundo is not just a band. It’s a movement, an emotion, and most crucially, a testament to the timeless spirit of music.

We’re honored to give you our comprehensive interview with Fin del Mundo for deeper insights into their journey, music, and aspirations.

FIN DEL MUNDO - Live at KEXP from Argentina - Yan
FIN DEL MUNDO – Live at KEXP from Argentina – Yan

Your band name “Fin del Mundo” translates to “End of the World.” Given the recent global events, has the name taken on a new significance for you?

The name came up in 2019 when we were about to record our first songs.

We had a long list of names that did not suit us, and we finally decided “Fin del Mundo” because I lived many years in Tierra del Fuego, near the southernmost city in the world. After the pandemic and the global conflicts that followed, of course the name also took on a new meaning.

For us it was very important because the release of our first EP kept us connected during the first months of isolation, and luckily many listeners also told us that the album was there for them during that moment of uncertainty, to remind us that the end of the world could be the beginning of a new stage.

How do your roots in Tierra del Fuego and Chubut influence your music? Do you incorporate any regional sounds or instruments?

The landscapes of the east coast in Patagonia are very present in our way of composing but perhaps in an unconscious way.

They are places where it’s cold and windy most of the year, with beautiful landscapes but at the same time a sense of desolation. Our music perhaps can reflect some of that nostalgia and desolation, in addition to Lucia’s lyrics that describe many situations she lived specifically in her hometown, in the province of Chubut.

Your live session at KEXP garnered over 1 million views with no album or significant promotion. What do you attribute this organic growth to?

Since KEXP reached us to record our session in 2022 everything seems like a dream that we still can’t believe entirely.

We think that we were very lucky to be at the right place and time, and we strived to achieve the best possible result out of this opportunity. It was crazy to be playing our songs that were produced independently, with a few resources that we had at that time, in front of such a big audience. We also believe that the (mostly) instrumental aspect of our songs helps to overcome language barriers and thus reach many more countries.

FIN DEL MUNDO - Live at KEXP from Argentina - 05 - Band with Cheryl Waters
FIN DEL MUNDO – Live at KEXP from Argentina – Band with Cheryl Waters

The title “Todo va hacia el mar” or “Everything goes towards the sea” is poetic. Could you delve into the meaning behind this?

The phrase is a line from the song “El incendio” and was inspired by Lucia’s experiences in Chubut, always by the sea. She also had to leave her city to move to the capital but we always return to the sea. There is something about that place that is still inside us and always travels with us. Also, the idea behind our fist EPs was a trip to the south of Argentina, when the main character (the girl in the artwork) finally gets to the sea.

The video-single “La noche” has just been re-launched in Europe. What can fans expect from this visual experience?

It’s a very nice souvenir for us because it was filmed by Yan (bassist) and Tita (drummer) during our first studio recording. We see the step-by-step and what happens each day of that week, like a photo-album that will always transport us to that crucial moment.

FIN DEL MUNDO - Live at KEXP from Argentina - 01 - Lu
FIN DEL MUNDO – Live at KEXP from Argentina – Lu

Your music fuses indie, emotional post-rock, and shoegaze. Who would you say are your key influences across these genres?

We compose all the songs among the four members; no one takes the role of a leader because we are always present and participating in each stage of the composition and production. There is a lot of freedom there to propose ideas so each one brings their tastes and musical influences. The main ones are bands like Sonic Youth, Yo La Tengo, Explosions in The Sky, American Football, Delta Sleep, Slowdive. And from Argentina: Suárez, Juana Molina and El Mató a un Policía Motorizado.

FIN DEL MUNDO - Todo va hacia el mar
FIN DEL MUNDO – Todo va hacia el mar

You’ve signed up with Spanish indie label Spinda Records. What attracted you to this label, and how do they support your artistic vision?

Spinda reached us after watching our KEXP session, we had a meeting and we really liked their vision and their work with other bands that are part of the label. It’s great for an independent band to have this kind of support in another continent and soon we’ll see our first vinyl edition, so we are very excited about that.

FIN DEL MUNDO - Live at KEXP from Argentina - 02 - Juli
FIN DEL MUNDO – Live at KEXP from Argentina – Juli

How are you preparing for your first European tour, especially with such a varied line-up of countries like Italy, France, and Spain?

Traveling with our music through different countries is another of our dreams that we will be able to fulfill this year. We received many messages from listeners in each one of these countries so we have a lot of expectations with the upcoming shows, we hope they’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

Your music seems to evolve with each new release. What’s inspiring the current direction you’re taking for your upcoming full-length debut album?

We always try to enjoy the moment of composition, and we take our time because we also have to agree on every part and structure of a song. We believe that the first songs had a bit more nostalgic aura while now we focus on positive environments, but with the same tension between calm and stormy guitars.

FIN DEL MUNDO - Live at KEXP from Argentina - 03 - Tita
FIN DEL MUNDO – Live at KEXP from Argentina – Tita

You’ve said that your music invites listeners to travel to both spaces through melodies and lyrics. If you could perform in any space, real or fictional, where would it be?

One place could be the lighthouse at the end of the world, “Le phare au bout du monde” described by Jules Verne in his novel, which is located in Tierra del Fuego. Another would be somewhere in Japan, we are fascinated by the idea of playing so far from our homes someday.

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