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Australian metal/hardcore band CURSED EARTH announce new EP; release new video for “Rage (The Cost)”

Perth’s most unrelenting metal band CURSED EARTH have announced and released their new EP “Cycles of Grief Volume II: Decay” today. The second and final piece of the Cycles of Grief collection, the band have alsodropped a video for their menacing single “Rage (The Cost)“.

“From violence comes more violence, from tragedy comes rage. Then, inevitably, the cycle continues”.

Cycles Of Grief Volume II is a continuation of where it began on Cycles of Grief Volume I. A two part concept, the Cycles of Grief collection is an unflinching and graphic depiction of trauma that breaches the boundaries of generation, country, class or circumstance. The EPs cover themes of isolation and brutality from the point of view of characters caught up in and torn apart by their environment and the actions of those responsible for shaping their lives.

“The story in Cycles of Grief documents the collision of nature and nurture” says guitarist Kieran Molloy.
“It’s an unprejudiced look into the intergenerational nature of coldness, addiction and violence”.

Cursed Earth comprising vocalist Jazmine Luders, guitarists Kieran Molloy and Paul Cottrell, bassist Robert Owens and drummer Sam Forward, formed in Perth in 2013. Through EP “Vae Mortis” and a split with Burning Season (collected on Enslaved By The Insignificant, released worldwide by Death’s Grip / Holy Roar) they established themselves as unflinching documenters of the darkest corners of human nature.

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