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FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES reunion show footage posted; Jeff Gretz’ involvement in ZAO confirmed!

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Confirmed in late 2014,  the current reunion of post hardcore band FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES, was kicked off this past weekend with a first reunion gig since their 2008 break up. The show took place at the Revolution Bar & Music Hall in Amityville, NY on May 15th. The band sat down with AltPress magazine to talk about their comeback (see the excerpts below).

Scroll down to see their upcoming reunion dates and some of the videos recorded at the NY reunion show.

“Money isn’t the motivation. It certainly is necessary in order to do these things. Individually, we all toyed around with the idea [of reuniting]. I don’t know if any of us actually talked about it over the last seven years or so. It’s really been a question of timing. When we stopped playing, it felt like that time had come and gone: The zeitgeist had expired. People had moved onto other things at the time. I’m not saying us—we had a great time—but [the scene] didn’t have the fire that it once did. And that was okay; I get over things, so does everyone else.

This time, Amnesia came to us and said they’d like for us to play their festival. We were like, “That’s interesting. We’re all a bit older now, maybe this is the time to do it.” We all got on email and everyone was like, “Why not? Let’s do it!” We agreed to do Amnesia, and then it was suggested we should do a couple other shows around it. If we’re going to do this one, why don’t we book some other shows and do some proper full sets? That was the motivation: It simply felt like it was the right time in years.”

“We don’t know, honestly. We’re doing this. There have been some riffs thrown around [at practices], there’s been jamming—and not just jamming on Warrant songs, which we have been doing a lot of. [Laughs.] Before we worry about anything else, we just want to focus on these shows. For that kid who was two years old when we started playing, we want to make it really good for him. After these shows, I can’t imagine we won’t continue to move ahead as organically as possible. We’ve waited this long; I don’t think it’s going to do anyone any good to think, “Oh, let’s put out a record tomorrow.” We enjoy being around each other and getting together in a room to play music.”

in other news, ZAO have confirmed that their drummer Jeff Gretz is still a part of the band:

“We will state for the record, regardless of the From Autumn To Ashes activity: “Jeff is still in Zao.” In fact he was working on 7 inch details today. The FATA reunion is not holding anything up. Just wanted to lay that out there before rumors started”



06/18 Allston, MA – Brighton Music Hall
06/19 Montebello, QC Amnesia Rockfest
06/20 Kitchener, ON – Wax
06/21 Toronto, ON – Opera House
06/23 Columbus, OH – Skully’s
06/24 Pontiac, MI – Pike Room
06/26 Chicago, IL – Bottom Lounge
06/27 Pittsburgh, PA – Altar Bar
06/28 Philadelphia, PA – Underground Arts
07/10 Denver, CO – Marquis Theater
07/11 Salt Lake City, UT – In The Venue
07/13 Seattle, WA – Neumos
07/15 Orangevale, CA – The Boardwalk
07/16 San Francisco, CA – Slim’s
07/17 Pomona, CA – Glasshouse
07/18 Los Angeles, CA – Roxy Theatre

Joining them on stage were POISON THE WELL and NORA!

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