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Avant alt rockers PARQUET share “Miami Vice”, new album “Sparkles & Mud” coming up

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Emerging from Lyon’s experimental scene, the avant-rock collective Parquet has unleashed a new single, “Miami Vice,” which serves as a harbinger for their forthcoming album “Sparkles & Mud.” Slated for an October 27 release via Carton Records, the album excel in a space of their own making—a sonic realm where the boundaries between avant-rock and techno blur into an evocative mosaic of sound and emotion. It’s not just about the noise; it’s about the state of mind that the noise induces, and in that specific realm, Parquet seems to have carved out a niche all their own.

The music video for “Miami Vice” embodies a dichotomous visual language. The first part captures multiple locations in the south of France, staged within the framework of a television screen. In contrast, the second segment brings viewers to Lyon’s Cinéfabrique. In both, a slow tracking shot pervades the narrative, manifesting what could be described as a “pointless, stubborn, powerful, and peaceful determination.”

This stylistic choice echoes Parquet’s previous video for “Brute,” where they deliberately eschewed conventional aesthetics in favor of a focus on length and repetition.

Parquet band by Oscar Fritsch
Parquet by Oscar Fritsch

Parquet isn’t just a band; it’s a musical consortium. Founded in 2014 by drummer Sébastien Brun, the ensemble consists of a versatile lineup, featuring Seb Brun (composition, drums & electronics), Nicolas Cueille (guitar), Guillaume Magne (guitar), Jean-François Riffaud (bass & synth bass), Simon Henocq (electronics), Clément Édouard (electronics), and Julien Desprez (guitar). Each member contributes to a musical odyssey that explores both physical and psychological states. In doing so, the group channels the chaotic beauty of techno, reimagined through a prism of live instruments.

For those curious or already ensnared by the band’s enigmatic allure, the album is available for preorder on Bandcamp. Until then, the visual and sonic opulence of “Miami Vice” serves as an intriguing prelude to a project that dares to defy normative musical paradigms. Check it out and share with your friends.

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