Godseyes by @kyleamcdowell
Godseyes by @kyleamcdowell
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GODSEYES unveil “Progress//Regress”, filled with raw emotion and unexpected twists

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Long Island hardcore band Godseyes has released their debut album, “Progress//Regress,” available now through No Sleep Records. After giving fans a taste of their emotional power with the lead singleMemories in Blue,” the full album is a rollercoaster of intense sounds and deep feelings.

“Progress//Regress” is far from a one-note hardcore album. With the addition of a second guitarist, the band serves up a layered, textured soundscape that keeps listeners guessing. Some songs, like “Izabel,” even show off a frantic pace similar to bands like Rotting Out.

According to Godseyes, the album is like a story with lots of ups and downs. They’ve purposely crafted an album that moves between vibes of aggression and moments to breathe, as seen in tracks like “The Comets,” where an ambient saxophone track cuts through the heavy sonic atmosphere.

Godseyes by @no.visuals
Godseyes by @no.visuals

The album captures a sense of internal chaos, which is fitting for their first release post-Covid. Filled with pent-up aggression and a mix of musical styles—from hardcore to an almost film noir feel with 1900’s-style saxophone—Godseyes is hard to pin down but easy to appreciate.

Just when you think you’ve got the album figured out, it takes another turn. The last tracks, “Eighty Five Springs” and “Never Found Again,” round off the album with a mix of foreboding instrumentals and an almost “found footage” aura. They leave you wondering, “Is this going somewhere?”

For those who appreciate music that isn’t just background noise but a full emotional experience, “Progress//Regress” is worth a listen. With themes ranging from grief and uncertainty to a fierce determination not to be “a product of broken men,” Godseyes has delivered an album as complex as the times we’re living in. Be sure to give it a listen





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