Soulprison by Eetu Orvokki
Soulprison by Eetu Orvokki
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Awakening the conscious: SOULPRISON’s ‘Lucid Nightmare’

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Amidst the cacophony of the modern music landscape, where the line between chaos and order blurs, Germany’s Soulprison emerges as a siren in the tumult. Today, we stand at the precipice of their latest creation, the music video for “Lucid Nightmare,” exclusively unveiled for eyes that dare to see beyond the facade of our everyday existence.

Lucid Nightmare” is a tapestry of raw emotion, woven with threads of existential dread and a stark, haunting realization: humanity’s dance with destruction and avarice.

Soulprison, with their blend of hardcore riffs and metal velocities, crafts a narrative that’s as visceral as it is cerebral. The band delves into the psyche of a society on the brink, capturing the essence of our collective struggle—pursuing happiness while the specter of our own undoing looms just beyond our field of vision.

The single is a manifesto, a declaration by the five-piece ensemble that they’ve honed a sound uniquely theirs. It’s a sound that demands you to headbang, to mosh, to feel every note as it collides with the very fibers of your being.

This is Soulprison: a hardcore/crossover band that marries the groove of hardcore with the thunderous force of metal to deliver a message that’s as much a wake-up call as it is an anthem.

Soulprison by Ela Prechal
Soulprison by Ela Prechal

Established in the crucible of 2020, Soulprison is not just a band formed; it’s a response to the times.

They’ve taken their message of mental health and social consciousness on the road, alongside titans of the scene such as Gassed Up and Paleface Swiss, and shared stages on a European tour with the likes of Guilt Trip. Their debut EP “Vision of the Void” and subsequent tours have only solidified their place in the hardcore and metal community.

As we absorb the lyrics of “Lucid Nightmare,” it’s evident that Soulprison is not merely making music; they’re sculpting an experience. The verses speak of a mind eroded by doubt, a spirit haunted by the specter of an inevitable conclusion, and a world that’s both overgrown and forgotten.

Soulprison by Eetu Orvokki
Soulprison by Eetu Orvokki

It’s a portrait of the human condition etched in the medium of hardcore punk and metal—a lucid nightmare where the echoes of our existence are as ephemeral as they are poignant.


As they prepare for their new EP set to drop in November 2023, the singles “Toxic Tears” and “Morbid Greed” (feat. Guilt Trip) serve as markers of their growth and harbingers of what’s to come.

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