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BACKFIRE interviewed by Some Will Never Know Zine

Some Will Never Know Zine conducted an interview with Dutch hardcore band BACKFIRE.

‘It’s not a comeback, it’s an encore’ is one of the lines on This One Is For Us, track 8 on the new record. Just how much time did pass between the final shows and the point that you all decided to do Backfire again? What made you come to this decision, what did you miss after Backfire stopped. Or were you planning on getting together before you did those final shows?

I think it was about a year and a half after the final shows that we started to talk about maybe doing a new record, we did two special appearance shows in 2011 and we felt we still liked doing what we did. Pat’s problems with his voice were disappearing slowly and we thought why not, lets do an encore.The result is My Broken World.

I didn’t miss playing shows or the music that much to be honest, I missed being away with my buddys, being in a van and complaining about everything. Without Backfire! I could never go to the places where this band has taking me, that’s the best part for me.

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BACKFIRE! – “Fight Or Run”:

BACKFIRE! – “Screaming For Silence”:

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