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BACKHAND SLAP: gritty hardcore punks discuss new muscular, uncompromising EP “Cantona”

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Fresh off the release of their pissed, power packed EP “Cantona”, the Tri-City/Tczew based Polish hardcore quartet BACKHAND SLAP join us for a track by track commentary for each and every track from the record.

“Why playing hardcore punk? Because it’s damn honest, often imperfect, yet infused with message and passion” – says the band, and that’s exactly what you should expect from this high octane recording.

“Amidst the era of over-polished productions, “Cantona” breaks through the conventions. You can love it or hate it. We don’t compromise either! As you will hear , this EP sounds very organic, and has a lot of dirt.” – admits the band.

Complementing the production and mix from Kuba Kikut Mańkowski, they continue: “This was our goal from the scratch – to come up with a sound that’s organic, and is not killed by algorythms and shitty plugins. Kuba did a great job!”

Catch the band live tonight and tomorrow at the following stops and see the full track by track breakdown below:

3.12 Gdańsk, Drizzly Grizzly (+ The Dog, Six Steps Forward, Dice Deal)
4.12 Słupsk Motor Rock Pub (+ Six Steps Forward)

Cover art by Bartosz Hervy

1. Intro.

The idea for this “song” was very clear from the beginning. We wanted to make a song which is based only on one riff. That’s it.

2. Selfmade Hell

The followers of the extreme right are trying to tell us who to love, whom to tolerate. They go hand in hand with the church hierarchy. We must oppose them. Tolerance! Equality! No matter who you are!

3. Warsztatowa

Every of us have this kind of place, where feel good and safe. For us this is Warsztatowa , local pub in Tczew (PL) . This song is tribute to them.

The running time for this one is 11 sec. Long enough to have a shot!

4. Backhand Slap

This one is a message to our fans, friend, and all people who support us. Covid times breaks a lot of relationships, and we’re missing talks and having drinks with them.

5. Cantona

We’re paying tribute to King Eric Cantona, and football from the 90’s when it was about a sport, not about money. In a world where footballers are only products, we lack uncompromising characters such as Eric Cantona.

6. No trust

We do not trust any religion that is like a sword raised over the heads of believers and atheists. Freedom of thought, tolerance and not idolatry should guide our lives.

7. Ja I ty

This is our first song we ever did. Initially we were close to cut this song from our set, but after Filip wrote new lyrics, this song got a second life.

Fun fact: this song was recorded as “one take version”. With no metronome. and everyone of us ( drums, bass, guitars) had only one chance to record it. No second chance. And we did it quite well.

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