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BALLKICK throws heavy punches with new explosive EP “History Makers”

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Drawing influenced from the likes of Kickback, 25 ta Life, and Madball, European power pack BALLKICK are no joke. Recently signed to Upstate Records, the punchy metallic hardcore band recorded their debut EP, “History Makers,” (featuring cover art by Craig Holloway of Cold as Life) at Nest Studio in Katowice, Poland with engineer Tom Bishop, and it contains 6 songs of intense and angry metallic hardcore / punk that wrapped high velocity groove in the vein of early 90’s East Coast hardcore forefathers mixed with metallic brutality of legendary KICKBACK from France.

History Makers was released on December 24th via Upstate Records and today we’re stoked to give you a special insight into each song off the EP, through BALLKICK’s first-hand commentary below.

Track by track commentary:

Cancel Cop Culture is about our friends, people that related to hardcore scene, that go to the shows, that wear hardcore shirts and say Fuck The Police, but you know they still call the cops because they have no friends and shoulders to cry. They snitch on you. They snitch on your friends. They cry on Facebook. Pandemic was one of these days we experienced snitching not from regular people in late 60s. People in our age. On our scene. They call the cops to snitch. Fuck them. Fuck the cop callers. Fucking cunts.

Watch new video for the song HERE.

Fuck Brexit It’s says it all, but from perspective of scene. How many people who wear hardcore shirts and go to the shows, voted for brexit and dropped all this racial slurs on us, for trying, for doing our shit. We know where our place is, we not trying to steal the scene, and we know we don’t belong and we will never be considered as a full UK band, it’s ok. We do what we do and we will not stop, we’re going straight to our destination
Hello to Dead Man’s Chest for showing us that we can. Fuck Brexit.

Coin Flip is like above. Starting this band was a risk and playing with fire. Life or death. We will see how long it will last, maybe we will be as successful as ….or we gonna be dead before you punish this. Our life is like this when you immigrant and you being called names behind your back, BPC for example.

Where no Hope is left isn’t sexist song. It’s song about girls that changed us guys and one day you’re friend and next day you’re fuckibg rat 🐀 because your girlfriend or wife told you it’s me or him, guys know what we talking about we all been there. This is to our ex girls that we picked instead of friends you know 10-15 years and girl you know 6 months or less.

No inner peace

Pierpolak from 6-DTC will tell you about the last song (scroll down to read up):


This is a quick background story about this collaboration: 6-DTC was a Parisian metalcore band in the early 2000s, we were known for our intense live shows and had a decent local following but never really broke through outside of our city nor recorded an album.

In 2002 our friend from Poland Bartek and Marek (Wyzwolenie Records) managed to book a one week Poland tour which quickly became the highlight of our short career.

We went through a lot during this tour which only strengthened our relationships.

We managed to keep the band for awhile after coming back to France but eventually called it quit: our practice local was arsoned and we lost all our gear and motivation.

A couple years later (2005) we tried to relaunch the band and recorded the sketch of a few new songs.

Flash forward 20 years later.

It’s covid time, music activity is stopped and we are all boiling inside wanting to do stuff (hence the formation of Seum).Bartek introduces me to Kuba from Ballkick who would like to somehow make a featuring with 6-DTC on their new project.

We start chatting, wondering how to make this collab unique and Ballkick ended up picking one song from the 2005 maquette and revisiting it with its own style!

We didn’t stop there as we managed to have Noureddine and Thomas recording verses along with a solo by 6-DTC’s original guitar player.

Lyrically, the song is about the fact that even if you want to, you will never escape the consequences of your actions, they will catch you even after 20 years, they will get you stronger than ever before, you will never know peace.

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