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BANE interviewed by AMP Magazine

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Aaron Bedard from BANE was recently interviewed by James Gobee for AMP Magazine.

The definition of bane is something, usually poison, that typically causes death. In the case of legendary hardcore band BANE it couldn’t be more opposite. BANE is still around- feeding life, not death, into the hardcore scene. “The fact that we’re touring doesn’t mean anything as far as the future, other than the fact that we’re still going,” vocalist Aaron Bedard said. “Every year we get further into this, there seems to be more and more people that have a sense that this is the end.” Bedard and the rest of the band are continuously facing rumors and questions of “the end of Bane.” Bedard hopes that by touring, it shows people that they are still a working band.

read the full feature here.

BANE live:

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