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Vinnie Paul talks about the unreleased PANTERA song

The Pulse of Radio recently sat down for an interview with drummer Vinnie Paul, who talks about the unreleased PANTERA track “Piss”, taken from the 20th anniversary edition of their 1992 iconic album “Vulgar Display of Power”, due out May 15th.

Asked in the interview if it was emotional for him to listen to the track and hear his late brother Dimebag, who was PANTERA‘s guitarist, playing on it, Vinnie replied:

You know, I don’t think it was really emotional. You know, I’ve learned since he’s not been with us to really embrace everything that he was part of and it just puts a smile on my face. And you know, to, 20 years later, not even remember how it went or anything about it, and put it up, you know — it put a big smile on my face and it made me feel good and, you know, he’s always with me everywhere I go, and it’s special, you know.


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