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Barcelona post rockers AUDIOLEPSIA release new record & music video

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Aloud Music Ltd and Dunk!Records have teamed up with Barcelona instrumental post rockers AUDIOLEPSIA to release the band’s new album “Muses”, recalling the adventurism of cinematic music and powerfully articulating the tensions of the contrary aesthetics. Cathartic and very relaxing, it’s one worth getting to know. Experience it both through the band’s new music video and the full record below.

AUDIOLEPSIA is: Ángel de las Heras – Guitar, Brian Jiménez – Guitar, Jordi de las Heras – Bass guitar, Kilian Callado – Drums. :Muses” was mixed by Jordi Navarro (Moonloop, Cuzo) and mastered by Victor Garcia (Toundra, Exxassens).

A muse: some would consider themselves lucky to have but one during their lifetime. On their sophomore release, Barcelona quartet Audiolepsia boasts seven such inspirational figures, seven quintessential females who bear the strength, willfulness, dignity, gentility, and acuity that have led the band to compose the music that would become Muses. Musically, this record harkens to a number of sonic muses, touching upon elements of post-rock, metal, prog and math. What makes it stand apart is its ability to translate its various muses into compositions that reflect their complexities and layers without straying into territory that feels like forced conceptualism. Instead they present the listener with an enticing journey through rich soundscapes befitting these seven women, reflecting their fierceness (“Beatrix”), pride (“Satine”), grace (“Evey”) and warmth (“Clarice”), and often bridging all of these qualities within the space of a single song, as in the centerpiece track “Charlotte,” an intelligently-composed piece which symbiotically balances a soft touch, a confident mind, and a fiery heart.

Lest anyone find themselves unsure of Audiolepsia’s primary musical thrust, be assured that Muses is an album built on powerful, driving riffs and memorable guitar melodies, which are given added depth by the exploration of acoustic passages, string arrangements and well-timed moments of tranquility. Carefully composed over the course of a year and self-recorded by guitarist Angel de las Heras, Muses was then mixed by Jordi Navarro (Moonloop, Cuzo) and mastered by Victor Garcia (Toundra, Exxassens). What you have before you is a deeply personal record that also propels forward in a way that few post-rock bands do. The subject matter is no doubt serious, but do not let that convince you that you won’t be tapping your feet, nodding your head, and vacillating between air drums and air guitar throughout most of the running time, because that kind of physical reaction is what Muses is all about from a sonic perspective. It is nothing if not an endlessly energetic and wholly refreshing record.



The band commented:

We feel very enthusiastic with our new album Muses. We believe it’s an important step forward for the band in terms of maturity, sound and composition. We’ve tried to add to our signature sound a wider palette of elements, like prog and math sounds, acoustic passages and string arrangements, and we feel proud and confident with the results.

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