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“Best of 2020” Playlist by synth infused dark wave / post punk band DON’T GET LEMON!

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Fresh off the release of their new EP “Forward Not Forgetting” (teased back in September on IDIOTEQ), Texas based synth dark wave post punks DON’T GET LEMON are joining us today to give you their top tracks released in 2020, packed in a handy Spotify Playlist below!

All things considered, DGL actually had a pretty decent 2020 as a band. “We started the year by releasing an in-house remix of our very first single, and we finally started playing live shows (although we had to stop very quickly after our first gig).” – says the band.

“Without lockdown we wouldn’t have expanded upon an initial single and B Side and wouldn’t have ended up recording and releasing an Forward Not Forgetting. We actually premiered a supporting video for S.I. through IDIOTEQ.”

“We also just announced we are working with à La Carte Records (True Faith / Old Moon) to release Forward Not Forgetting on cassette. To support this physical release we shot two new videos that will be released soon alongside pre-order information.”

The band have teamed up with us to end 2020 with their Best Of Playlist along with their top albums, listen below.

Don't Get lemon BEST OF 2020



Young Ejecta – Ride Lonesome

Favorite Track: Cheese

Young Ejecta took a slightly more relaxed vs. electro pop dance approach with this album when compared to some previous work. The vocals are subdued and airy, drums are spaced out and paired with minimalistic synths, and the entire album is pretty layered with some pretty heavy but delicate reverb. Great dynamic.



Korine – The Night We Rise

Favorite Track: Cast

The Night We Rise is loud, short, and consistent. It has some great pop sensibilities and definitely stands out against other songs when you are shuffling on Spotify. DGL was just about to solidify some plans through a venue to play with them in Houston, but those plans got cut short due to lockdown starting.



Working Men’s Club – S/T

Fave Track: Teeth

This album has a great mix of dance, rock, and art direction. Nick and I got to see them play a few of these songs last year in Liverpool, and it’s weird looking up to a band that’s like 10 years younger than you, but here we are.

“Deep moody vocals draw obvious inspiration from ’80s new wave and post-punk classics, while the layering of almost random synth and drum machine sounds creates an intoxicating sonic collage. This atmospheric EP is refreshing while somehow extremely familiar. Our only issue with it is how badly it makes us want to dance, late at night, on a sweaty, neon-lit dance floor. Maybe next year.” – Houston Press: Best Houston Music Releases of 2020

“…there’s plenty of New Order in there, with pulsating drums and bass and synth that weaves in and out of each other, but there’s more of the Ian Curtis, even Andrew Eldritch about the vocals, as it saunters over the dance floor, bubbling and gently throbbing away, the melodies emotionally taught and memorable.” -Backseat Mafia

“… they could be a British new wave band straight from the 80’s. Then again, there’s something undeniably modern about their sound…”
-Darkness Calling

“… intriguing blend of moody 80s post punk, new wave, and ghostly disco.” -IDIOTEQ

“rich nostalgic synth melodies with powerfully persuasive vocals and provocative lyrical themes to bring a fresh and modern twist to a retro sound” -WhiteLight//WhiteHeat

“Don’t Get Lemon fill you with 80s new wave just to pull the rug out from under you with their EP” -The Other Side Reviews

“Every track on this EP manages to hold a sense of nostalgia through the unique array of sounds and narratives… from the honeyed synths and guitars to the brooding bass and timeless drum patterns, Don’t Get Lemon does an extraordinary job painting a soundscape that’s as uplifting as it is bleak” -ISurfDarkwaves

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