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Texas based DON’T GET LEMON return with new track, intriguing blend of moody 80s post punk, new wave, and ghostly disco

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One year after our last feature here on IDIOTEQ, Texas based dark wave synth post punks DON’T GET LEMON are back with brand new single “S.I.”, an eerie forerunner of their new EP dubbed “Forward Not Forgetting”. The new song is a disco-infused offering with lyrics touching on the society of the spectacle by French philosopher Guy Debord. “The song’s theme haunts over a colorful background, as the media watches us and we watch the media.” – comments the band, who have teamed up with us to give you the first listen of the song and premiere its official video below!

From Austin and Houston, Texas, DON’T GET LEMON creates tightly rehearsed hooks for both the sweaty dance floor surrounded by friends and headphones for the lonely walk home. “With this EP we wanted to take the chance to experiment before embarking on the task of writing a full length.” – they comment.

Asked about the concept behind the new video, the trio explained:

“The video is inspired by another practice that Guy and other situationists called détournement or culture jamming. This style appropriates and changes existing media (often advertisements) in order to give it a new or subversive meaning. With our video, we repurposed footage from Maurice Lemaître (DAmour, Ever the Avant-Garde of the Avant-Garde till Heaven and After, Le film est déjà commencé), Suzanne Lemaître (All Women are Joan of Arc’s), On the Passage of a Few Persons Through a Rather Brief Moment In Time, Critique of Separation, and Call it Sleep in order to transform the footage into spectacle when paired with the lyrics.”


Check out their previously released single “Futures Lost”:

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