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BI$HOP streaming their new record in full!

Announced in late May this year, the newest offering from the reunited sXe hardcore / metalcore act BI$HOP, has been revealed online below! “Everything In Vein”is a follow up to the band’s latest record “Asylum”, released in 2009, and it features their version of ZAO’s “V Year Winter”.

The record will be released on 10″ vinyl in August, to coincide with their tour with SHAI HULUD, detailed at this location.

The band commented:

Two thousand fifteen.
It is still obvious that things don’t change. If anything, they acclimate to an alternative form. Whether you’re looking from the scope of a fancy 2 story suburban middle class home in the Midwest or in a dilapidated and overcrowded 2 bedroom apartment in an inner city or if you make your living working in a cubicle or by cleaning houses, there is no debate that there is a problem going on. As a society, we are thrown into a culture that isn’t conducive to happiness or self-fulfillment. It is built on the idea that we should appreciate that we have the opportunity to make someone else rich through our labor and that the measure of our personal success is how much money we can accumulate. We are programmed to be separated by class, race, culture, etc and only look out for ourselves and our kind. This theory is reinforced by the media that perpetuates biased and misleading information that doesn’t accurately represent reality. The political process is between the bad and the worse that doesn’t represent the peoples’ interests or cultures and this is supposed to be democracy? In a society that spends exponentially more on military power than on the welfare of its people, spends more time separating families (whether through religious quests to deny people to marry or stealing black men off the streets on harsher sentences than their white counterparts at an overwhelming disparity) than promoting equality. Materialism has overshadowed ethics. Narcissism has destroyed compassion. Ethnocentrism has brought the end of empathy. Everyone claims they are looking for the remedy but they don’t know where the sickness begins or how much they are actually contributing to it. And even if they were faced with it, what could one do to make a difference without being shunned and judged for deviating from the norm? I’m not here to answer this question but there are a few questions you can ask yourself: What can you do to turn this detrimental situation around? At the end of your life what do you want to say you contributed to the world?
Before you open your mouth to chastise someone for being on assistance or not speaking the same language as you do or the legal status of another human being, try to understand HOW and WHY they got there. Understand that not everyone has the same opportunities in amerika. Understand this land was not built for everyone’s benefit. In amerika, we are supposed to reserve the right to criticize our government. If you stopped criticizing, you are either part of the economically elite or you are siding with your oppressors. This culture is a prison.

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