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HOUSEHOLD release new track!

Minneapolis, Minnesota’s HOUSEHOLD have announced their debut full length, Time Spent, due out September 25th via Blood & Ink Records, and to celebrate they’ve premiered their progressively aggressive new track “Wistern.” The track is a perfect taste of the diverse sound the young band has crafted onTime Spent. Using elements of many varying genres, from straight up hardcore to emotive melodic punk, HOUSEHOLD defy categorization and offer a mature and reflective take on their many influences. Substream called Time Spent,”a huge leap forward for the band, with heartfelt lyrics atop winding melodies and clever arrangements.”. The new record can be pre-ordered at this location.

The saying goes “youth is wasted on the young” but for Minneapolis, Minnesota’sHousehold it’s just another cliche ready to be knocked down. Household defies convention at every turn and with Time Spent, the band’s debut full length, they have created a sound that is as diverse as it is cohesive. This unique voice in the crowded underground, combined with a work ethic that belies their young age, has Household’s future looking bright.

Made up of brother and sister, Nathanael and Abigail Olson on guitars, cousin Joshua Gilbert on lead vocals, and rounded out by bassist Josh Czech and drummer Matthew Anthony, the group formed in 2013 hit the ground running. When the time came forHousehold to record Time Spent, the band was forced to evolve when Gilbert discovered vocal polyps that prevented him from reaching the same throat-tearing screams of their previous work. With what could have been an insurmountable setback for many bands, Household adapted and flourished. Gilbert adopted a more melodic singing style and with it the band began incorporating more tuneful elements into their aggressive sound. By the time they began recording the album with Jay Maas (Defeater, Counterparts, Title Fight, Make Do And Mend), Household’s sound had grown by leaps and bounds into something not easily categorized.

Time Spent is the kind of album that ignores what is expected. Incorporating elements of hardcore, melodic punk, emo, and post-hardcore, Time Spent’s influences are varied and deep, but shaped together in a way that is invitingly familiar. Intricate guitar lines weave in and out of heavy breakdowns, lightning fast drumming effortlessly flows into hauntingly subdued passages, and Gilbert’s powerful newfound singing voice holds it all together. The album’s title and main lyrical themes point to asking the sorts of questions that apply to any young person, yet are presented with such maturity and reflectiveness that they’re relatable to listeners of any age. What are we choosing to do with our time, how are we letting our days go by? For the members of Household, the answers have an inspiring simplicity; they’re trying their best to do what they love.

HOUSEHOLD tour dates:

07/20 Bizmark, ND @ Side B Record Shop #
07/21 Fargo, ND @ The New Direction #
09/06 Sioux Falls, SD @ Lifelight Music Festival

# w/ Silent Planet, Conveyor, Strengthen What Remains and Comrades

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