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WAR CHARGE streaming new songs

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The new LP teaser from Edinburgh’s WAR CHARGE features 2 new thrashy hardcore tunes that will blow your mind and charge your energy for the rest of the week. LP teaser tapes are available for pre-order from Neutral Words Records on, as well as an exclusive pre order tee.

“Hand Of God” lyrics:

Bring down your justice, Smite those who have sinned, Let us feel the hand of God, Let us know you exist.

We’re all enslaved,forced into the everlasting rest, succumb to death, a new beginning, the inception of a life of convulsion.
The path of evil leading to an infinite end, the seemingless journey that we call life.

I’ll fucking do it my own way, it’s my own life to take, i’ll keep the reaper at bay.

Until the day we die, we contemplate our end. But when that day comes, face to face with death.
You can’t survive his touch, the highest form of pain.
From one world to another, I have no faith.

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