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Birmingham’s COMMODITY revives powerful melodic hardcore with “Between the Lines”

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Birmingham, Alabama’s own melodic hardcore punk outfit COMMODITY drops their hard-hitting EP “Between the Lines” today—carving out fresh tracks that bring back the good old vibe of mid 00’s heartfelt hardcore gems that we miss so much.

Crafted in the raw acoustics of Studio B at Workplay, Shane Hopson of Grand Champ fame—has mixed and mastered a sound that’s as authentic as the city’s own steel.

English Madden shredding strings, Seth Keel spitting lyrical truths, Tommy Palladino laying down the bass groove, and Troy Vance on the drums pay homage to fallen brother and former drummer Chase Kuykendall, whose legacy thunders on in every beat.


“Between the Lines” bridges the band’s raw beginnings with a trio of newer tracks, showcasing a maturity in sound and a confidence that rivals stalwarts of the genre like Verse and Have Heart.

Straight from the band’s own reflections: “While most bands from the broader melodic hardcore punk scene, like Boston’s Have Heart and Richmond’s Strike Anywhere, have paid their dues, we believe a revival is long overdue. 2020 was a year of uncertainty, and as Furnace Fest was brewing up the biggest punk, hardcore, and metal gathering in the country, it reignited a passion within our community.”


COMMODITY doesn’t shy away from acknowledging their roots or the community that has bolstered their sound. “Birmingham has always been a hardcore town,” they say. “As a band, we’re not just participating in the scene; we’re pushing its boundaries, integrating our take on what hardcore means to us, adding to the rich mix that defines our music and our message.”


For fans of bands like Comeback Kid and Sinking Ships, “Between the Lines” resonates as an evolution in the band’s sound and an homage to the scenes that inspired them.

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