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LAST PENANCE premiere “Tired Veins”, a gripping ode to survival and struggle

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Tired Veins,” the newest single and music video from Polish metalcore / hardcore band, delves deep into the haunting reality of suicidal tendencies. As the first taste of their much-anticipated album, “Heathens,” this track is a visceral exploration of inner turmoil and the tenacity of the human spirit. You can now watch the full video for the song and listen via major streaming services worldwide.

Inspired by the narrative of Herman Hesse’s “Steppenwolf,” “Tired Veins” captures the protagonist’s unsettling method of coping with life by controlling his destiny through the contemplation of suicide.

As the band’s vocalist powerfully conveys, “Those tendencies have been with me for years now – they seem to be a reassuring blinking ’emergency exit’ sign, always somewhere in the back of my head when things get especially hard.”

In true Last Penance fashion, the song encapsulates the grueling battle against one’s demons when the weight of the world feels crushing.

“However hard this struggle may seem, it is always worth picking up this fight, no matter how exhausting and futile it may seem,” the band asserts, signaling a beacon of resilience for listeners grappling with similar shadows.

LAST PENANCE, by Janek Fronczak Photography
LAST PENANCE, by Janek Fronczak Photography

The lyrics are a raw, unfiltered account of this struggle, with lines like “Reality slaps hard enough to make me numb,” and “The pressure keeps on rising, in my tired veins,” resonating with anyone who has felt the crushing blow of defeat, yet the compulsion to persist against all odds.

Tired Veins
Tired Veins

Reflecting on the year gone by, the band shared, “In 2023 we focused mostly on our upcoming album ‘Heathens,’ which took us quite a while to record and produce. Apart from recording, we managed to play some great shows, make new friends, and touch base with some of our scene mates.”

As for what’s ahead, the year 2024 is shaping up to be monumental for Last Penance. They’re gearing up for the album’s release, perfecting the final elements of “Heathens” before it drops in May under the Arcadian Industry label.

Heathens, by Marcin Studziński - Chaosfera
Heathens, by Marcin Studziński – Chaosfera

On the live front, a memorable performance is on the horizon in Warsaw, alongside the likes of Park and Riot, Dom Zły, and Czerń—a testimony to their relentless drive and passion for hitting with the might of a sonic juggernaut.

LAST PENANCE live, by PhotoRock - fotografia koncertowa
LAST PENANCE live, by PhotoRock – fotografia koncertowa

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