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Bled Fest 2014 video recap [UPDATE]

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This year’s Bled Fest took place at Hartland Performing Arts Center in Howell, Michigan this past Saturday, May 24th, 2014. Collected below are some of the videos shot at this year’s celebration. Stay tuned for more videos – this post is updated frequently.



The Bled Fest crew issued the following summary:

Look, here’s the thing. We know Bled Fest is weird. But I’m searching Twitter now for reactions, seeing what people were into and not into, and I’ve never felt so completely and totally humbled and blessed to be surrounded with a community of such energetic, supportive, fantastic people. The internet is continuing the incredible vibe that we felt all day long yesterday as we threw our cares and worries to the side, gathered in sweaty classrooms and hallways and the cafeteria where I ate lunch in high school 20 years ago, and sang along to our favorite bands, found some new favorite bands, and just threw the fuck down until we physically couldn’t any more. 

Was it perfect? Nope. Shit went wrong all day long. You dorks damn near crowd surfed some kids head into the floor during Hawthorne Heights, and I had to get on the mic and be dad for a minute and scold you all. We had to cut a few sets because they got long (and probably didn’t do it the right way). You guys kept falling on shit which made the lights turn off or whatever. 

But even though it wasn’t perfect, it was absolutely fucking perfect. Even though our team didn’t really have a lot of time to watch bands or whatever, the old rickety ass school building pulsed with a positive energy that I can only compare to being married. It was like this unconditional love spread out amongst bands and fans, with no barriers in between. I’m seeing photos and videos (don’t worry, we’ll have tons of photos to post as soon as our team can get them edited, and will post any great videos we find) and everything just kids losing their shit, and I love it. 

We shouldn’t be able to do this every year, but somehow, you guys muster up the energy to show up every year and go so fucking hard but still take care of each other. Those who got hurt wear their bruises proudly today. 

So I just wanna say thanks. Thanks for being cool and coming to our little festival and not destroying the building. For cleaning up after yourselves. For singing, and dancing, and stage diving, and creating an event where nearly every single band who played are tweeting things like “Our set at bled fest was probably the craziest set we’ve ever played. The fuck was that?!” (Knuckle Puck). 

It was a good day. Looking forward to what our 11th year will bring. Feel free to post any photos or videos you got yesterday in this thread or on our wall! Link to any reviews, etc. We’d love to hear what you guys thought!












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