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BLISS unleashes blackened hardcore horror with cinematic video for “Agonia”

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Lublin, Poland based blackened hardcore band BLISS, comprising former members of notable acts like Antichrist, The Bold & The Beautiful, Juliette, and Dom Zły, has recently unveiled their captivating and spine-chilling new music video for the ferocious single “Agonia.”

With an unyielding commitment to exploring various sonic realms, BLISS refuses to confine themselves to a specific genre. The upcoming album, for which “Agonia” serves as a compelling preview, exemplifies their inclination to push musical boundaries, drawing inspiration from a vast array of sounds and experiences.


While the band refrains from providing an English translation of the lyrics, they describe “Agonia” as a meticulously crafted string of words that navigates the darkest corners of existential crisis. The song delves into the intrinsic human fear of death and how it motivates us to persevere, continuously placing one foot in front of the other. It encapsulates the bitter driving force that propels us forward despite our awareness of mortality.

The music video for “Agonia” evokes a haunting atmosphere, transcending the constraints of time and place. Stripped of modern trappings, the visuals transport viewers to an era devoid of modernity. The themes of emptiness, solitude, and impending doom take center stage as the weight of bitterness weighs heavily on the protagonist. BLISS aims to capture the essence of human struggle through captivating cinematography and a thought-provoking narrative.


Reflecting on their creative process, the band’s creative director explains that the challenge of personal projects lies in uncovering a truth that authentically reflects their collective identity.

The visual communication of the music video seamlessly blends cinematic imagery with dynamic shots of the band, meticulously crafted with a DIY mindset.

The entire concept, direction, and editing were handled by the band members themselves, with Rafał Rudzki, known for his work with bands like Penthouse, serving as the director of photography. Notably, the enigmatic character in the video was portrayed by the band member’s father-in-law, marking his debut performance.


Years ago, I saw a film that stayed with me to this day—The Turin Horse, directed by Béla Tarr with stunning cinematography by Fred Kelemen. There is a scene of a young girl going out of the hut to fetch water from a nearby well. That one master shot has everything I look for in cinema. A haunting moving image that captures human nature, stripped down to the absolute bareness. We aspired to capture something like that. ” – commented the band’s drummer and the music video director Artur Dziewisz.


The monochrome music video serves as a cinematic masterpiece, visually complementing BLISS’s fiercely addictive hardcore punk sound.

The interpretation of the lyrics remains open to individual analysis. It speaks of the allure of death, the struggle between darkness and purity, and the desire to drink from abundant rivers. It explores the intertwining of night and pale dawn, questioning the myth of everlasting love and the grotesque nature of life itself.

“In “Agonia”, time and place are irrelevant. There are no signs of modern life. It could have been 50 or a hundred years ago. Emptiness, loneliness, and a sense of the coming end are at the centre of the stage. The weight of bitterness carried by man, bending under its weight. Slowly making his way through life, like through mud into which he dropped a shiny coin. The burden can only be shed by confronting the inner self. The metaphor for the bitterness is a linen sack with a writhing viper. We accompany the man in the final hours of this struggle. There is a light at the end, but it depends on how you want to see it.” – expounds Artur.


As viewers embark on a journey through the “Agonia” music video, one interpretation emerges—a tale of burying dreams instead of pursuing them, facing the shadow self that extinguished the potential for greatness.

BLISS’s thunderous, scathing sounds underscore the poignant narrative, igniting a bonfire where unfulfilled hopes, dreams, and external expectations are consumed by the flames, leaving only the essence of one’s true self.


“Agonia” serves as a testament to their unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and offering a unique perspective within the realm of hardcore punk.

With visually stimulating imagery that effortlessly captivates the viewer, immersing them in a contemplative atmosphere from the very first frame, the music video for “Agonia” by BLISS strikes a chord that resonates deep within.



The band’s lineup consists of Dziako on vocals, Deco on guitar, Filip on bass, and Artur on drums.

Catch the band live at:

07.06 Warsaw with The Flex
08.06 Wrocław at The Punx Piknik
10.06 Berlin with Ochyda , Hatehug


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