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“Bloodlands” – metallic hardcore slaughterers THE LOWEST drop new killer video!

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Fresh from releasing an amazing cover of classic track by anarcho-punk legends GUERNICA Y LUNO, Polish heavy hardcore pack THE LOWEST have just unveiled a new song and music video, “Bloodlands”, coming from their new upcoming full-length “Doomed”!

The good lookin’ fellas sound like they crawled out of a cave dug deep underground a primeval forest and made one hell of a fire outside. “Blodlands” serves as one of the band’s best sounding, darkest, and most grandiose pieces of what could be still classed as ‘dark hardcore’ you are ever likely to hear this year. Watch below and keep your eyes peeled for yet-to-be detailed album release soon!

THE LOWEST released their debut EP in early 2012. We interviewed their vocalist Paweł a couple of months after that. A follow-up EP Divided was delivered in late September next year. Both records can be heard after the scroll.

“Bloodlands” Lyrics:

this land does not know peace
these people don’t know how to live
they only know how to bleed and die
there was no lesson in life

the taste of iron fills my mouth
i’m walking barefoot on a sticky ground
the earth is still wet and warm
i live in the land of blood

this doomed land does not know peace
where life doesn’t mean a thing
buried in a nameless tomb
I live in the land of blood

this land was raped by war
but war has ended
a long time ago

war has ended everywhere but here
time doesn’t heal wounds
in the land that bleeds

where nothing grows
soaked with suffering
forgotten by god

so easy to die
so hard to live
in this land

Check out THE LOWEST’s two previous EPs right here:

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