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BLOOM inks a deal with Pure Noise Records, unlocks new era with “Bound To Your Whispers”

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Sydney-based melodic hardcore / metalcre act Bloom steps into uncharted territory with their latest offering, “Bound To Your Whispers.” Recently released through Pure Noise Records and Greyscale Records, the new single marks a substantial evolution in their musical journey.

Christopher Vernon’s deft production captures the intricate blend of melodic hardcore and metalcore elements that define the song’s arresting soundscape. Complementing the aural experience is the compelling visual narrative, skillfully crafted by Jack Fontes of Dunelabs.

Speaking about the new single the band said, “Bound to Your Whispers is an exploration of internal disparity and the disconnect between internal doubts, and the manipulation of one’s self. Written as dialogue between the two internal voices, the protagonist is manipulated by their own thoughts, falling into a false sense of security “let me in, and I’ll relieve your fears… could this be everything I need?”.

What is initially perceived as a voice of reason, sheltering the protagonist (“I’ll keep you safe, distract you from all your pain”) gives comfort to the protagonist that they can deal with their anxieties themselves ‘don’t reach out, you don’t need help’. This false sense begins to unravel, wearing the protagonist down by forcing them to relive mistakes and planting seeds of doubt, revealing itself as a trap as it gains control of the internal struggle. ‘You let me in, and I confirmed your fears’. This internal dialogue convinces the protagonist that there is no way he can exist without the anxiety that has followed him throughout the years, and he gives in, allowing himself to be consumed. ‘Bound to your whispers, under your spell. I have nothing left in me’.”

The release of “Bound To Your Whispers” coincides with the band’s announcement of their collaboration with Pure Noise Records.

“Joining the Pure Noise roster is a monumental milestone for us,” says the band. “We are full of anticipation for what lies ahead and endlessly grateful to those who have put in relentless effort behind the scenes.”


The single captures the essence of duality in its construction. It oscillates between the untamed energy of metalcore verses and the emotional richness of melodic hardcore choruses. Yet it doesn’t compromise; the transitions into the intense breakdowns are sudden and merciless, fusing musical intricacy with raw emotional power.

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Bound To Your Whispers lyrics:

I’m begging for an escape
To be in control again
Silence the echo chamber in my brain

I found solace in my loneliness
There was a comfort in the calm
You came in, you were a friend
Someone I could confide in

I’ll always be here
I’ll keep you safe
Distract you from all your pain
I’m here to stay

But you began to rot
Leeched off all the things I’m not
You found my fears, forced me to see
You turned against me

Let me in and I’ll relieve your fears (And I’ll relieve your fears)
What you’ve been thinking throughout all these years (All these years)
You won’t need anybody else
Don’t reach out
You don’t need help

Could you be everything I need?

Bloom by Jack Fontes
Bloom by Jack Fontes

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I let it fester, I let it grow
That’s how I took control

You made me replay
All the things I said today
The mistakes I have made
I’m the one that they hate
I’m at the root of your anxiety
There’s not a world you exist without me

You let me in and I confirmed your fears (And I confirmed your fears)
What you were thinking throughout all those years (All those years)
You won’t need anybody else
Don’t reach out
You don’t need help

Forever bound
Me and you
We’ll always be
Entwined in two

Wrap your arms around my spirit
Move me limb by limb
This is all deserved
Nothing more to life than being hurt

I’m not here
An empty shell
Bound to your whispers
Under your spell
I have nothing left in me

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