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Punk rock’n’rollers BARKING POETS share new memorable EP “Southsea Sounds”

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Camden-based punk-rock trio Barking Poets, known for their charged anthems and social commentary, have dropped their latest EP, ‘Southsea Sounds‘. With tracks that tackle pressing issues such as austerity, racism, and climate change, the band is here to ensure that the political doesn’t lose its place in punk rock.

The EP is available in both digital and CD formats, providing an option for traditionalists who want a physical CD for their car or home stereo. Fans can find more about the album and the band on Engineer Records’ website.

The EP kicks off with the fiery track ‘Getting Away With It,’ a robust critique of the ‘pull the ladder up’ mentality exhibited by some of today’s leaders. This track, like the rest on the EP, is rife with powerful riffs designed to get you up and moving—or at the very least, tapping your feet and singing along.

What sets Barking Poets apart is their unflinching commitment to addressing social issues head-on. They combine activism and music seamlessly.

Barking Poets

Their lyrical content delves into the harsh realities of austerity, the urgency of climate change, the prevalence of racism, and the danger of populist politics.

Barking Poets

The six-track EP was recorded at Southsea Sound Studios in Portsmouth, with Tim Greaves helming the control desk. The meticulous recording process ensures that the message and the music are equally front and center.

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