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BLOOMR unveils music video for great new organic single “Landlocked”, produced by J. Robbins

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Bloomr is an alternative rock band hailing from Baltimore, known for their blend of noisy punk energy and earworm power-pop sensibilities, all while crafting emotive and melancholic melodies. Today, the band has partnered with us to debut their latest music video for the song “Landlocked,” set to be released on streaming platforms via The Animal Farm UK. The track was produced by J. Robbins and mixed by The Animal Farm UK.

Lead singer and songwriter Scott was brought up in a musical household, listening to Motown, The Beatles, and The Beach Boys on the magnavox console as a child. He was introduced to a diverse range of music, including INXS, U2, The Police, Midnight Oil, and The Violent Femmes, and even attended his first concert – The Cure – with his older sister. Later on, he discovered Public Enemy, The Beastie Boys, Run DMC, and the grunge movement, all of which had a profound impact on his musical journey.

Scott was inspired to pick up the guitar after discovering Siamese Dream by the Smashing Pumpkins, which led to the formation of numerous bands and countless rehearsals. Eventually, he formed Fall Back Plan, a band that achieved national success, including appearances on MTV, before he moved to Nashville to explore the industry further. It was in Nashville that he honed his songwriting skills and developed the sound that would become Bloomr.

Scott is joined in Bloomr by Kamari on bass, Steve Webb on guitar, and John Dahlgren on drums. Together, they have crafted a unique sound that blends the rawness of punk with the catchiness of power-pop, and their latest offering “Landlocked” promises to be another hit from this talented quartet.

Check out the new single is out tomorrow on Apple and Spotify.

Bloomr by Benjie Loveless
Bloomr by Benjie Loveless

Comments vocalist guitarist Brian Scott: “It’s hard to balance things in life. Through it we experience love, loss, happiness, death and constant change. Life is about experiences and the relationships we make. There’s a lot of the world to see, a lot of ups and downs and balance is about evolving as a human being; learning and growing through this journey.

“I’ve often had a strong desire to try – or do something new, yet at times have struggled with barriers – both real and imagined – that have prevented me from pursuing that next

“It’slike needing to go see the ocean, but you’re stuck.. ‘Landlocked.'”

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