Bayway by William Marks
Bayway by William Marks
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Rap-infused hardcore pack BAYWAY break down The Newport Sessions EP, out now on DAZE and RTF Records

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Bayway, the rap-infused hardcore band from New Jersey just dropped their latest EP, The Newport Sessions. Influenced by the legends like E Town Concrete and Fury of Five, they bring their own gritty and aggressive sound to the genre. Turn it up, let their groovy beats and dope rhymes hit you hard, as the EP hits the streets officially today via DAZE and RTF Records!

To celebrate, we have teamed up with vocalist Jay Way for a special track by track breakdown below!

The EP was fully self-produced, mixed, and mastered by the band in Jay Way’s personal studio. It consists of a classic skit intro and three hard-hitting tracks. “World of Suffering” features beefy guitars and raw lyrics, making it a perfect mosh pit anthem. The band collaborated with Fury of Five’s Stikman on “God Forgives Me,” resulting in a powerful track that combines Jay’s rap-forward delivery with Stikman’s deathcore style growls. The EP closes with “Cease II Exist,” which features a speedy delivery and a beatdown ready breakdown.

Jay spoke about the band’s Jersey roots, highlighting the area’s diversity and cultural richness. He noted that the music scene in the region was heavily influenced by both hardcore and hip-hop, creating a unique and aggressive sound. Growing up in this environment taught the band members to be vigilant and determined, as they had to fight for everything they achieved.

Bayway will play a release show on April 21st in Asbury Park, NJ at House of Independents supporting Fury Of Five and Sworn Enemy.

1. Corner Store

It’s a skit that just made the band laugh. I am not sure there is anything that they have heard me do more. In the 15+ years that we have all been friends I think collectively this skit embodies the energy of the Jer-Z that we know and love.

2. World of Suffering

This was the last track that I wrote for the EP. I just wanted to create something that was fast paced, in your face and raw. I had no lyrics going into recording the vocals. Pat-RTF (Records) had sent me the cover art and it said something like “Surgeon General’s Warning: Duck Motherfucker” and I thought to myself, okay we gonna start the track like that! I hit record and the lyrics just came out. Completely off the top nothing pre-written. When I listen back to it now it’s almost difficult because it’s parts of my life that I never thought I would be open about. In the end the song went from being strictly for the pit to being something much deeper.

3. God Forgive Me Ft. Stikman

The evolution of this track was crazy. Chris and I went riff for riff just trying to write something heavier with each part. We played our first show in North Jersey and Stikman from Fury of Five came through to support the bands. We started talking after the set and things progressed from there. It was an honor to be able to work with him. He elevated the track and brought so much in terms of subject matter and attitude. The lyrics worked together right off the bat and creatively we just clicked. Dude is an absolute professional and the recording session was so much fun. Truth be told he named the track “God Forgive Me”

Bayway by William Marks
Bayway by William Marks

4. Cease II Exist

This song was written in the room mostly off the cuff. The only riff we had going into it was the first one that you hear. Chris wrote this riff like 12 years ago and I kept bothering him about putting it in a song. I swore it would work and was super annoying about it so we started jamming it. I would say about 90% of this song was improv and just happened naturally in the room. The lyrics to me really reflect on abandonment issues that I never really dealt with. Friends and family that left me hanging and fucked me over. I have always felt like an underdog. Whether I was sleeping on the floor as a kid, living in my car as a teen or struggling to get by in my 20’s I have just always been an underdog. I don’t think I was supposed to make it. The struggles and obstacles that were put in front of me from day one were enough to break most people. So to me this song is about life experience and how hard it can be and how hard it can make you. So if shit goes south when you running your mouth. My advice is you better know what you talking bout.

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