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Blossom: PUPIL SLICER unveils a convergence of cosmic horrors and bright sonic fury

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The highly anticipated album Blossom by PUPIL SLICER has been unleashed upon the world. With glowing reviews and pre-orders being shipped, the excitement surrounding the release is palpable.

Critics have been quick to praise the album, recognizing its catchy yet crushing nature. Decibel describes it as “both catchy and crushing that will result in repeat listens,” while Metal Hammer, UK proclaims it as “as ambitious an album in and around the world of extreme metal as you’re likely to hear this year.” Knotfest hails Blossom as the best version of PUPIL SLICER yet, and Revolver acknowledges that the band has leveled up big time on their sophomore album. Distorted Sound declares Blossom as another absolute triumph from this very special band, while Blabbermouth highlights the album’s ability to move in any direction with spectacular results.

With this massive new release, PUPIL SLICER presents a more mature and considered version of themselves with Blossom. This hard science fiction/cosmic horror concept album delves into themes of abject despair, reincarnation, and a fascination with hell.

Produced by Lewis Johns, the album is a cohesive and confident display of ethereal singing, electronic breakdowns, and bold experimentation, all while staying true to their core tenets. Influenced by Nine Inch Nails, Deafheaven, Radiohead, and Deftones, PUPIL SLICER has crafted an album that is passionate and captivating, incorporating hooks and catchy choruses amidst their intense sound.

Blossom takes listeners on a 46-minute journey into PUPIL SLICER’s absorbingly intense world. Drawing from influences such as Nine Inch Nails, Deafheaven, Radiohead, and Botch, the album showcases a broad and compelling work. Mathcore serves as the main foundation, while blackgaze and electronica elements add flavor and texture to the sonic landscape.

The music is precise and professional, delivering a chaotic hardcore/mathcore sound with technicality and rawness. A blackened streak adds depth and emotion, while electronic parts and delicate clean singing provide additional layers of sound. The blend of aggressive aggression, melodic presence, engaging atmosphere, atypical structures, and emotive hooks is flawlessly executed by PUPIL SLICER, displaying their expertise in their multifaceted hybrid style.

Despite its occasional abrasiveness, the songs on Blossom are infectious and enticing, revealing moments of accessibility within the chaos. PUPIL SLICER expertly navigates between extremes, reminiscent of The Dillinger Escape Plan, seamlessly transitioning from one extreme to the next.

It is this fusion of extremity and accessibility that makes Blossom a standout release, showcasing the band’s mastery of their craft.

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