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Introducing: Serbian screamy emocore act ART OF HEARTWORK

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Filip Stojiljkovic, hailing from Serbia, with a background in emoviolence and screamo genres, has started a new band called Art Of Heartwork. In this demo recording, he showcases his talents as a vocalist and drummer, and joining him are Gavrilo on guitars and bass, Ivan contributing on bass for select tracks, and Leo adding his guitar skills to the mix.

The band’s formation can be traced back to an encounter at the Ex-Emo Meetup, where Filip and Gavrilo connected. Recognizing Filip’s solo project, Gavrilo proposed the idea of starting a band together, which Filip eagerly embraced.

Art of Heartwork was established in February 2022 and dedicated significant time to rehearsals before making their debut at Klub Fest. They subsequently performed at AKAB Okretnica and the Youth Center in Vrsac, while also recording their songs for a demo release.

Undergoing some lineup changes and name alterations, the band settled on the name “Art of Heartwork,” inspired by a Saetia song. The current lineup consists of Djordje on drums and Ivan on bass, adding to the band’s dynamic.

Influenced by acts such as Alexisonfire, Senses Fail, early Atreyu Silverstein, My Chemical Romance, Deftones, and Life But How To Live It?, Art of Heartwork incorporates a diverse range of styles into their music, including emo, post hardcore, metalcore, and emocore. Filip’s artistic contributions extend beyond his performances as he creates artwork for the band’s logos and demo EP.

Meanwhile, Gavrilo pursued his own project named Bradikardija, which can be explored on Bandcamp.

With the release of their demo EP, driven by their passion and dedication, Art of Heartwork are currently working on a new EP and considering a future European tour. Details regarding the tour are yet to be announced.

I eagerly anticipate witnessing Art of Heartwork’s growth and evolution as they embark on their new EP, hopefully investing in better production on their next release.

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